Smart Dynamic Forms for slaesforce

Do it yourself – Dynamic forms, conditional logic and field population

When working with online forms and salesforce CRM  it is an important rule of thumb to make sure that the data entering from the forms updates seamlessly to your CRM – the data must be synced. This ensures that the information is the same everywhere, that there are no duplication or differences that could arouse any confusion.

So, for example, if you are registering contacts in your online form, you can have them automatically created in your salesforce account instead of adding them manually, even more you can update more the one object from the same form. And the good news is that this is only one side of the salesfforce integration provided by FORMTITAN. This side is responsible for having data “Written” inside salesforce objects. But there is another side too – FORMTITAN, in comparison to other form builders, offers a Bi-Directional integration, which means that you can also “Read” from your salesforce objects including the costume ones.

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