Learn Salesforce Einstein – Chapter 9 (Testing – Test the Einstein Model)

On this page, you can test your model. Copy model ID from your model and paste it in Model ID on this page. Your model should be successfully trained. Otherwise, you will not see the prediction.

Custom Models: Vision: You must give the Model ID of the image model. You can do a prediction for URL image, Base 64 string, and by uploading an image.

Language: (Available in V2) You must give the Model ID of intent if you checking prediction for intent. Must use the Model ID of Sentiment, if you are checking sentiment.

Standard Models: Vision: FoodImageClassifier, GeneralImageClassifier, SceneClassifier, MultiLabelImageClassifier, Language: CommunitySentiment (Check sentiment)

If you want to check the sentiment then copy CommunitySentiment and paste in Model ID.