Salesforce Lightning Dominates Dreamforce 2017 — Here are the Six Takeaways!

In the customer dominated era, CRM system plays an integral role in maintaining and accelerating the growth of a business. This is really difficult for Companies building highly interactive user-interfaces that can bridge the gap between businesses and the potential clients and it may help you in achieving desired customer excellence too.

Here, Salesforce Lightning role comes into the scenario that helps some business in retaining existing customers and generating new leads in decided time frame only.

Here, are some main highlights of the Lightning platform that every business should know about —

Salesforce Lightning is a next-generation tool aimed at boosting the overall productivity of business and enhancing the user-experiences.

The platform helps businesses to market the products faster and deliver smarter customer experiences as needed by the enterprises.

In the beginning, the platform capabilities were limited to Salesforce1 mobile app development only. Soon, the functionalities of the platform were brought to the desktop to deliver enhanced user-experiences across the devices.

How does Salesforce Lightning improve upon Visualforce 2017?

Salesforce Lightning platform has the capability to interact with databases without using any APEX methods. With the help of Lightning platform, this is quite easy designing and developing a robust user-interface to support desired customer excellence that is considered as the foremost requirement by all businesses in the global world.

At the top level, experts assure that Salesforce dominates Visualforce 2017 where the component-based architecture of the platform helps in loading records into Lightning components much faster with the help of mark-ups only and it is easy to edit or delete records whenever required.

Here, we have given the most important takeaways from Salesforce that every Lightning Developer should know in-depth.

1. The AI revolution is introduced!

The usage of Artificial Intelligence is on the rise today and it will continue to dominate the technical world in coming years too. We are on the cusp of major changes where AI is driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution worldwide. Sadly, most of the enterprises have not realized the significance of AI yet there is a big room for improvement where identifying the set of losers and the winners is much easier than past.

Salesforce Einstein plays an important role here that makes future predictions more accurate and precise. The new features are also added to the platform that allows enterprises to develop AI-powered apps to deliver more intelligent user-experiences. Here, the responsibility of a Salesforce Lightning Developer is to identify the need for AI-powered apps and to leverage them along with the business.

2. Turn Data into Actionable Business Insights

Currently, only limited business data is analysed and meaningful insights are missed. Data scientists have the capability to analyse voluminous data together and extract meaningful insights for the business. But small businesses don’t have the budget to hire data professionals to reach the new heights. With Salesforce Einstein capability, you can go beyond the scenario and urn data into meaningful business insights quickly.

3. Salesforce Partners are more Industry-Focused than Visualforce

Another popular opportunity that comes into focus for Salesforce Partners is they are more industry focused on different niches. They have the capability to serve different industries like healthcare, education, government agencies or financial organizations etc.

Well, business strategies are more industry-focused then they have been incredibly successful. When you speak the language of the customer and keep customers in the focus then you can add demonstrable value to your business through deep industry knowledge.

4. Salesforce Promises Long-Lasting Success for the Customers

Salesforce platform is particularly committed to delivering long-lasting success to the customers. They focus more on enhancing customer-experiences and take their feedback as the strength. With valuable feedback, businesses always have the opportunity to improve their business services at a scale.

Also, Salesforce focuses on maintaining the 1-to-1 relationship with customers to give unified user-experiences and each customer should feel that he is important for your business. The deeper customer insights and big data predictive analysis always make your business more successful and transparent.

5. AppExchange Drives Customer Loyalty

AppExchange is the unified marketplace to sell, buy or distribute Lightning Components. These components are highly customized and designed according to Company requirements. Also, they can be modified based on special interests or needs.

These features are not available by default and speak the language of the customers. When components speak the customers’ language then it is easy to drive loyalty and enterprise excellence as required.

6. Salesforce Communities Drive Excellence

Salesforce communities are the place where developers can interact together and reach the meaningful solution based on Company requirements. It helps any enterprise to drive excellence when they are familiar with latest trends and techniques that are most demanded by the customers.

Wrapping up:

That’s all for the day! Now you are familiar with Salesforce capabilities and how it helps some business or enterprise to achieve the excellence. Certainly, the Salesforce Lightning platform is an improvement upon Visualforce 2017 and dominated other cloud platforms too. This is a transformational program to innovate and maximize the overall benefits of cloud technology.