Dawn of the Era of Salesforce Lightning

Whenever the name of Salesforce comes up, the reactions that people give are- “Best Cloud

Computing Services”, “Best cloud-based CRM”, “Amazing CRM services”, “Revolutionary CRM” etc. Because of its constant growth, Salesforce has rightly earned all these accolades. It has revolutionized the way companies; business, organizations etc are dealing with their CRM systems.

The best part is it is keeping pace with the constantly changing demands of the market as it releases a triennial update, can you believe it? That is why you constantly need Salesforce Support, Salesforce Consulting, Salesforce Consultants, Salesforce Customization services etc.

Today we bring to you an important aspect of Salesforce which is Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Lightning experience is one of a kind as it is the latest version of Salesforce after the successful introduction and implementation of Salesforce Classic. Salesforce Lightning interface helps you Achieve ‘More Rapid Deal Conversions’, ‘Higher ROI’ And ‘Maximize Sales Revenue.’

Features of Salesforce Lightning

Make yourself aware of the following groundbreaking feature of Salesforce Lightning :-

– UI

Salesforce UI is a modernized graphical user interface (GUI) that has been refined rigorously for speed.

– Lightning App Builder

IT is a component that provides the much-needed drag and drops features to facilitate easy app creation and app customization.

– Salesforce Lightning Components

It is a platform which contains various tools and helpful extensions that empower the development of long-lasting units and unique apps using the customization of the Salesforce1 Mobile App features.

– AppExchange

AppExchange is available for the Components, which in turn makes over 50 partner components to be readily available in the App Builder.

– Design System

It is a feature that provides for style guides coupled with a good user experience (UX) that ensure best practices for your customized app development.

– Lightning Connect

It is an integration tool which makes it quite easy for apps in Force.com to harness data from any exterior resource that is in consonance to the Data specification.

Why switch to Salesforce lightning?

Salesforce Lightning has incorporated a few new highlights intended for streamlining of offers alongside upgraded UI to give a productive and critical thinking condition. Movement from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning is simple while acquiring all authorization and sharing settings that were at that point characterized in Salesforce Classic. All the current Salesforce Classic clients are urged to move to Salesforce Lightning due to a few advantages which are as per the following:

– Efficient route and adaptability to switch between custom applications

– Easy and brisk access to devices like notes and recent activities for efficiency

– New design office in view of better channels and sorting of alternatives alongside turbocharged view to have better look at the information

– Interactive and easy to understand dashboards

– Access to a few reports that might be required by top administration for vital choices

– Easy Customization pages

– Real-time investigation of information utilizing devices like execution diagrams to screen the present data scenarios easily.

– Avoid coding for building the custom application

– Easy distinguishing of the key territories that need more consideration and concentration on them.

– Customization in the dealing process, making of relevant records and brisk conclusion of deals

– Visually engaging dashboards

– Creation of rundown lists by utilizing Lightning Experience’s instinctive channels board.

– Quick representation of information with a list of diagrams and consideration of the filter tools to easily get to the specific results.

– With Kanban view, you can oversee and compose an arrangement of records to track your work initially. It additionally empowers you to produce alarms to tell you if there should be a need for any occurrence of activity required to be done.

Extraordinary Benefits of Using Salesforce Lightning

Here are a few astonishing features of using Salesforce Lightning:-

Quick App-Building

With Salesforce Lightning Components, you can spin up an application in the blink of an eye without the requirement for any codes. Components are like the blocks that frame the groundwork of your application which then combine with each other to make another application. These segments can likewise be utilized for enhancing the Salesforce execution. In this way, you don’t have to assemble an application from the scratch when it is requested for an appearance on another page or when another gadget frame-factor is added in. By way of utilizing the Lightning Components, designers or AppExchange accomplices can manufacture the framework of your application which you can later modify to suit your organization’s specific needs.

App Being the Resource of Your Company

As the name itself recommends, Lightning Ecosystem is a whole structure of devices and strategies to assemble your application with high usefulness. Aside from the time, you will spare (as there is no coding required), Lightning Ecosystem likewise permits the likelihood of not trading off on the nature of your application. The segments of Lightning Ecosystem are extracted from dependable sources. Their rating and surveys are additionally accumulated through experienced clients. With each part which is included, the organization can get access to powers which may have appeared to be undo able without requisite engineering expertise beforehand. This makes an enhancing client encounter and subsequently increment in client engagement.

Innovative Components

For any organization to draw in with its client, an application is a basic necessity of today. With an application, you can cooperate with the client personally (by making of client profiles and by giving modified reactions to their activities). The extraordinary element of Lightning Platform is the intuitive (D&D) library stuffed with adjustable segments. Standard and custom segments can be composed alongside AppExchange segments to assemble the applications quickly. This has been made conceivable through Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component Framework.

Affiliating the Client Encounter

How would you set your item/benefit separated from those of the market contenders? By giving your clients a real-time understanding of the item when they arrive on your application. Your item/administration can turn into a deep-rooted connection to your client given you can manufacture an application which demonstrates the silver linings that quandary your item perfectly. Lightning Design System is a How-To direct to engage your clients with the organization personally. It enables you to modify client engagement segments without codes.

You can modify custom applications which adjust with Salesforce primary limits easily with no reverse engineering. Access the core visual and collaboration configuration examples to create a composite and dependable environment to the client experience.

An Enchanting Face to Your Company

The Lightning Experience was brainchild to mother of the need to make present day and lucid client experience and father of astute and cleaned plan. Lightning was made with the objective of cell phones. Once the Salesforce versatile application as a complete and the design structure was in place securely, the desktop was likewise included inside the experience limits and the design outline was utilized crosswise over administrations, application plans, deals and groups.


Changing needs demand changing technology and that is exactly what Salesforce is doing. 86% of the current users believe that they can use Salesforce to drive innovation in their business and 77% of the AI users are re-investing for another subscription. Salesforce Lightning can prove to be the turnkey solution to the CRM problems of your business. Give it a thought as now you know so much about it.