Everything you need to know about Salesforce CRM

Even to this day, certain marketers have the main question that is spinning in their minds being “What is salesforce, precisely?”. Sure, you’ve definitely seen a plethora of brands use it year after year, but the overall question still remains because it is a lot more than just a simple definition and leaving it at that.

In the realm of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it is truly a class apart and as the years pass by, more and more evidence is being presented as to why the aspect of Salesforce should be adopted by a large majority of services. It is primarily a cloud-based CRM platform that is used by over 150,000 services globally. It is used by small and large businesses alike that are looking for a secure and easy way to store all of their customer data as well as generate more leads and oversee marketing campaigns.

What makes Salesforce unique and viable?

The use of salesforce in CRM is only beginning to be understood by a majority of people across the board. What makes it so unique and an instant hit amongst most people is the aspect of Cloud Computing. The fact that Salesforce is a better product with a cheaper cost is only a small part of the overall picture. The real deal is that it moves everything to the Internet, eliminating the lengthy and exhaustive installation process. That is the key. Plus, with the creation of a simple monthly subscription fee, one does not need to reply anymore on long-term contracts or even licensing deals that are too expensive.

Why you should choose it

If you are looking for the fastest path from an idea to an app because with the help of Salesforce tools, one will be able to build an app much better and faster than using the tools and infrastructure yourself. That is for sure. Although this may not seem like much initially, thousands of dollars and hours of your time will be saved in the bargain. Here are the top five reasons why you should go for it:-

  • It can be accessed from anywhere at any time by your team since it is in the Cloud.
  • In the aspect of Integration, Salesforce wins every time since it is compatible with most apps in general from Gmail to your accounting software as well. Other CRMs do not offer such integration.
  • It is extremely fast to deploy taking only a matter of a few weeks, compared to other more traditional CRMs that can take over a year to deploy.
  • Its ease of use is truly unparalleled. Compared to most other CRMs and similar software, in the case of Salesforce is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. With less time figuring out how it works, you can spend a majority of that time putting it to use instead.
  • Its efficiency is mainly due to the fact that it is relatively easy to use. Hence, it can be customised in every way to meet business ends.

The various services and products offered under salesforce

The best way to understand the nature of Salesforce is to know the various products and services that have to offer as well as when to use them. Be it on Social, Mobile or Cloud domains, one can access a wide range of products and services. Here are the top four Cloud services that are offered by Salesforce:-

  • The marketing cloud: With this, you have the unique provision of one of the world’s most powerful digital marketing platforms right at your fingertips. In this regard, the entire journey of a customer with every aspect being taken care of, from social media, mobile, content creation, web personalisation as well as data analytics and content management.
  • Sales cloud: In this case of this CRM Platform, it manages the sales, organisation and customer support facets of your organisation. Whether your services are engaged in the B2B or B2C business model, you need this service.
  • The Commerce cloud: For the most seamless and quality customer service and experience, this is the answer. Most importantly, it also has a vital provision of customer data integration.
  • Analytics Cloud: Working with large data files as well as creating charts and graphs need a proper business intelligence platform, which is exactly what Analytics cloud provides. Most of all, it is optimised for data visualisation and mobile access.

Source:  suyati