Transparency to Manufacturers with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

Salesforce, a CRM software company has announced Manufacturing Cloud that is a new industry-oriented product ​for manufacturers.

Manufacturing Cloud is a part of Salesforce’s Customer 360 Platform for manufacturers whose main focus is on predicting demand and subsequently make arrangements for inventory of required products which can fulfil the demand of Customers. It accumulates all sales, operations, and account teams to generate more robust projections.

Why it is needed?

In the manufacturing industry, that depends on predictability, changing customer and market demands can have a destructive effect, and complex physical operations can not be attained at a shorter time to meet changing customer demands. Operations teams aren’t always aligned with the sales reps to ensure they have a single, real-time view of all aspects of their customer relationships. So Manufacturing Cloud is being developed to understand what is happening on the ground level.


  • Our customers have a clear desire to align sales forecasts with their core sales and operations planning demand and production planning functions.
  • Digital transformation helps decisions be made with a 360-view using near-real-time information on demand and consumption.
  • Help team members to create more accurate forecasts and also help them to adjust those forecasts in real-time, accounting for new customer requirements or market demands.
  • Delivers a new level of business visibility and collaboration between the sales and operations organizations of a manufacturing company.
  • Brings sales and operations teams together around a unified view of market and customer demands to more accurately forecast, plan and drive predictable business performance.
  • Easily make connections with dealers and distributors on sales, service and marketing platform.
  • Quickly address service inquiries, close more deals, and open more opportunities to grow revenue.
  • Give service agents and field technicians a 360-degree customer view and data on warranties and entitlements.
  • An intelligent scheduler dispatches the right technician to the right job, boosting first-time fix rates.
  • Transform the online purchasing process. Tailor product mixes, pricing agreements, and contracts to customers’ specific needs.
  • Supports end-to-end customer engagement across every channel with our unified marketing platform.
  • Make personalized connections with customers across web, email, social, mobile, and more with AI-powered insights.
  • Optimize communication between sales and operations teams while ensuring more predictive and transparent business, so they can build deeper and more trusted relationships with their customers.
  • Provides visibility into their customer interactions while enabling them to generate more robust sales forecasts.
  • Allows to have a better view of their customers through new sales agreements and account-based forecasting solutions.

It will also provide some facilities like…

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing, which provides account managers with access to an intelligent experience with out-of-the-box KPIs into account health, demand insights, product penetration and sales agreement progress.

Community Cloud for Manufacturing delivers a new pre-built template specific for manufacturers that extends sales agreements to channel partners, allowing them to collaborate together on leads, and opportunities.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform unlocks data from any application, data source or device—whether that data is on-premise or in the cloud.

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