Salesforce Service Cloud Enables Companies Build Customer Service Center in Just a Day

Transform your customer service game with Salesforce Service Cloud! Now companies can easily build a fully functional customer service center in just a day. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to efficient service!

The ever-increasing emphasis on customer service has got businesses immersed in a constant race towards perfection. The harsh truth is: enterprises are judged on the basis of their customer experience all the time.

In a recent major update Salesforce has offered a shot in the arm to businesses by overhauling its service cloud. These updates are intended to make service cloud more and more friendly and accessible to businesses of modest sizes. The update brings along quick set-up abilities, surge in productivity around console function and a newly introduced mobile app for your customer reps. The new edition was created on Salesforce Lightning component framework. The update can be segregated into two major categories.

Quick Set-up

One of the features, which is being dubbed as “Service Out-of-the-Box”, will ensure that the amount of time taken in setting up the service cloud is minimal.

Keith Pearce – VP of Marketing for Service Cloud at Salesforce, was quoted by eWEEK saying, “Any company, large, medium and small, can be empowered to deliver personalized service experiences in less than a day with clicks, not code.”

The customer service agents can now set up the desktop interface with just a drag and drop from Salesforce’s application store. In no more than few minutes one could have email published and put into use.

Mobile App and Enhanced Productivity

The new update equips Service reps with a mobile app that lets them respond to the customers from their mobile device even while watching a game of football, surrounded by family.

Another feature constitutes of a visual dashboard of customer service cases, which helps agents assess and prioritize, create reusable macros for standard servicing situations, and create federated searches to seek records quicker.

Community Agent 360 is another feature, that helps agents with a view which lists all interactions with a customer in a single place.

For users with call center management capabilities and telephony, voice has now aslo become an alternative. Besides this, IoT asset tracking and mapping from MapAnything Live is also possible.

Users can pick and choose from over 75 Lightning-Ready service partner apps on AppExchange.

Wrapping up

Good customer service means good business, while unsatisfactory service can sound the death knell for your brand. These new upgrades have imparted a fresh lease of life to Salesforce service cloud, which will go a long way in empowering the customer service wing of enterprises.