Build Dynamic Customer Journey to salesforce

The term “customer journey” refers to the stages a customer goes through in his relationship with your Business. Since today brands are promoted using all Media forms, and talked about everywhere each customer has a different journey he travels through in his relationship with this brand. One may see an ad about it in the paper and also hear about it from a friend’s tweet. Another may See a campaign on Facebook and look around in the brand’s website. Each user has a completely different route to the same target.

“Dynamic” means the routes users are taking are not “one size fits all” but rather customized to suit each individual. Dynamic also means that the processes cannot be fixed and rigid, they need to happen in real time based on user previous actions and preferences. For example, if a user states his age he will be shown an ad that is relevant to his age group.

Salesforce marketing cloud sums it up really well saying that “Customer journeys occur through a series of interactions — at every touch point — with your brand. A well-planned digital marketing strategy can help guide the way. The marketer’s goal for any customer journey should be to create a string of seamless, personalized experiences over many channels: email, mobile, social, advertising, and the web using digital forms.”

So it seems that in order to create the best experiences for your customers you must make sure to personalize and optimize the various ways you connect with them.