Mass Inline Editor – No More AppExchange tools or VF/Apex customizations!

The long wait is over now! 🙂  Mass Inline Editing comes to Lightning Experience!

Finally, this news will excite many of our Salesforce Customers around the world. It’s been a very long time since the classic version started, Customers have been asking about it. Where do we mass edit these records in Salesforce? OR it would Hey, Can we edit 10 records in the list view at a time?  And our usual answer would be – Well that’s a great question, but unfortunately, we can’t-do it out of the box. But we can certainly bring for you via customization of list views with Apex/VF or we can choose one of many mass editor tools available out there in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Well, now it’s time to say, YES.

  • Just select your records in list view.
  • Double click on the field in which you would like to change the value.
  • You would see a small checkbox saying – “Update # Selected Items”.
  • Check the checkbox and hit Apply.

BOOM! You have mass saved the list of selected records with the chosen/entered value in the field. That was so easy, isn’t it?. And this cuts down at least a week of development effort if we had gone with customizations approach/installing an app exchange app.

Note: This works for only for records with same Record Type. It will not work if the selected collection has different Record Types. 

Check out the Video Demo to see this in Action.

Time to make your Customers Happy!