Sustainability Cloud: Salesforce Pollution Tracking Tool

Salesforce has always concerned to become a socially responsible company so that it always put emphasis to work in the community for their employees.

Nowadays climate change is the biggest, most important and most complex challenge humans have ever faced. Every individual, every company needs to step forward and do everything to tackle this problem.

Now Salesforce moves forward to help other organizations in reducing their carbon footprints by developing a new technology called Sustainability Cloud.

Salesforce has recently announced a new platform named Sustainability Cloud, that main focus on helping businesses to take action on tackling climate change.

It is a carbon accounting product that calculates the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community.

Here are some of the benefits of Sustainability Cloud listed below…

  • It is designed in such a manner so that it helps to make easier for companies to prioritize the environment while running their business.
  • It helps to drive climate action that will accelerate the world’s efforts towards carbon neutrality.
  • Help in tracking a company’s sustainability efforts.
  • Empowering every business to drive impactful climate action.
  • Easy tracks carbon emissions and renewable energy usage.
  • It helps to meet the sustainability goals of the company.
  • Works with internal data and third-party data when needed.
  • Measure carbon footprint across all sorts of different aspects of our operations from data centers, public cloud, real estate.
  • Subjected to both an internal audit by the Sustainability team and third-party organizations.
  • It helps organizations to make their operations cleaner, and more powered by renewable energy and less carbon-intensive.
  • It helps to accelerate the world’s efforts towards carbon neutrality.
  • It was designed to provide businesses with a trusted sustainability platform that gives them a 360-degree view of their environmental impact and provides data-driven insights to make change the planet will notice.
  • Quick tracking, analyzing and reporting reliable environmental data helps businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • Carbon data of an organization can easily be tracked in Salesforce Einstein Analytics, which creates dynamic reports and dashboards both for audit purposes and for executive engagement.
  • With deep insights that empower businesses to drive climate action programs at scale.

By keeping all views, we have a conclusion that Salesforce is committed to delivering a sustainable, low-carbon future and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which help frame the company’s global strategy and technology innovations.