How to send an Email using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

How to send an Email using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  1. Click on Content
  2. Click on Create Button which is on the right upper corner
  3. Creation Method (In which you have to choose the format of Emails, eg:- HTML, Text or Existing Email)
  4. Choose “Define Properties”
    • Enter the Name of Email (required)
    • Enter Description(optional)
    • Enter the Location (you have to choose the location of this email like it is in the content builder or My Emails)
    • Enter Campaign (you can also choose the campaign )
  5. Click on next button.
  6. Click on Add Content (In which you can write your HTML code or any Email formats whatever you want.)

Note – followings things to keep your mind

  1. Profile Centre is required when you are sending email from marketing cloud otherwise an error occurs when you send an email.
  2. Validate your Email before sending (simply click on validate button).
  3. You can also merge the fields (for example %%lastname%%).

Preview and Test 

  1. You choose a List of subscribers or data extensions are also selected.
  2. You can also send an individual email.
  3. Click on save —> save and send.