Salesforce Product : Health Cloud

On huge focus upon the healthcare industry the world’s #1 CRM Salesforce has introduced something best product which is termed as Health Cloud. A product that has a primary focus upon the world of healthcare and their related activities. Through the help of this product, you can maintain the flow of services and keeping the track of records related to the health of patients updated.

The actual meaning for the existence of health cloud is focusing on the care plan of patients. For which they enable a feature to develop a specific community where only the patient’s related people are there like doctors, relatives etc. And a care plan with respective tasks would be equally distributed among them with an equal note of the time. A care plan can have any number of problems, goals, and tasks that you can track from the patient’s tab in the console.

Problems: If a doctor finds any problem in patient like high blood pressure etc then the case manager who handles the care plan of the patient will add this thing in the patient’s care plan community from where everyone related to that community diagnoses patient accordingly.

Goals: If the doctor suggests the patient to adopt a lower-sodium diet for achieving any specific level of blood pressure then the case manager adds this as a goal and focusing upon that level to achieve.

Tasks: The task is something to visit the grocery store and buy crackers, chips, and cookies in reduced-sodium versions to replace the ones in the patient’s kitchen. When a patient’s relative reports that the shopping trip is done, the case manager updates the percent complete in the associated goal.

The primary task for case manager is to obtain the Patient Card which contains all the relevant information about the patient. Through which it is easy to extract important information from a patient’s medical records, such as conditions, medications, and contact information, and displays it all in one place for the patient’s care team to work with. They can see the patient’s upcoming appointments at a glance, as well as her medications and dietary recommendations.

In an overall scenario of health cloud, an admin can also focus upon the privacy about patient’s information and make the information available only for their specific roles of person.

Now wrapping up all about health cloud I would only say that it’s something a great gift by Salesforce to healthcare industry for maintaining the overall process in such a fruitful pattern by which its been easy to followup on daily activities of the patients and make them healthy as soon.

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