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Pledging of Shares: Get Extra Funds from Your Portfolio

Investors often seek ways to leverage their existing assets to obtain additional funds for various purposes. One such method is through the pledging of shares, a financial practice that allows individuals to secure loans using their shareholdings as collateral. In this article, we will explore the definition, process, advantages, and disadvantages of pledging shares. Definition…

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If the unit cost changes to 10 rupees, how much would it cost to run the heater for 1 hour?

Imagine you’re currently enjoying the warmth of your 1000-watt heater, and your friendly neighborhood electricity fairy tells you the unit cost has jumped from 8 rupees to a teeth-chattering 10 rupees. Ouch! Step 1: Calculate the energy consumption. Remember, power (watts) and time (hours) are partners in the energy consumption waltz. So, for a 1000-watt…

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