Steps to create a Dashboard, Datasets and Lens in Salesforce Einstein

Steps to create a Dashboard, Datasets and Lens in Salesforce Einstein.

1. Create a Dataset :

First of All, we create a Dataset –

  • Click on Analytics studio —-> Click on Create —-> Dataset
  • When we click on Dataset –
    1. CSV file
    2. Informatica Rev
    3. Salesforce
  • By using CSV file – we simply upload CSV file and Dataset is created and it is contained in Apps.

2. Create a Lens :

A lens is an important part of Salesforce Einstein in which we can simply filter the records According to our requirements.
The three things mainly used in the lens are –

  • Dimensions – it is basically used for the serial number
  • Date – for date purpose
  • Measures –  it is used for sum or counts (like salary, Amount, numbers of employees).

In the dashboard, we can have various types of Lens (According to our filter criteria) and then use them.

3. Dashboard :

After creating the lens we can create a dashboard According to our filtering records.

  • Click on Analytics studio —-> Click on Create —-> Dashboard
  • Choose —-> Blank dashboard in Dashboard Designer.

In this Dashboard, we can then show the record in the graphical form.

Various types of charts can be used to show the records, like

  • Pie chart
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Funnel

Also, there are many types of tool in the dashboard too –

  • In the left corner all the various tools are listed and in the right corner, the various lenses.
  • Informatica Rev – By using this we can create a Dataset and Also connect other Salesforce Org by providing username and password and connect various external source like Oracle, SAP etc.
  • CSV File – we can simply upload CSV file and create a Dataset.
  • Salesforce –  By using this we can simply create a Dataset our salesforce objects and their relationships like Account, contact etc.

Note – Before using this you have to create a Dataflow or choose a default Dataflow

Steps for it –

  • Choose the Objects
  • Select the Fields
  • Select the Relationships Objects
  • Click on Create Button.