Steps to create a dashboard , datasets and lens in salesforce Einstein

Steps to create a dashboard , datasets and lens in salesforce einstein 

1- create a Dataset–  first of  All we create a Dataset –

Click on Analytics studio——> click on create —-> Dataset——>

When we click on Dataset –

1- csv file

2- informatica Rev

3- Salesforce

By using csv file – we simply upload csv file and Data set is created and it is contained in Apps .

2-  lens –  lens is important part of salesforce einstein in which we can simply filter the records According to our requirements –

The three things mainly used in lens –

1- dimensions – it is basically used for serial number

2- Date- for date purpose

3- measures-  it is used for sum or counts (like salary, Amount , numbers of employees ).

In the dashboard various types of lens (According to our filter criteria )

We can use it .

3- dashboard

 Click on Analytics studio——> click on create —->dashboard ——>choose —->Blank  dashboard in Dashboard Designer —->

after creating the lens we can create a dashboard According to our filtering records . In this dashboard we can show the record in graphical form .

Various types of charts are used to show it –

Names of chart –

Pie chart




Various types of tool are used in dashboard –

In left corner various tool is used and right corner various lens is used .

Informatica Rev – By using this we can create a Dataset and Also connect other salesforce org  by providing username and password and connect various external source like oracle ,SAP etc .

CSV File – we can simply upload csv file and create a Dataset .

Salesforce –  By using this we can simply create a Dataset our salesforce objects and their relationships like Account ,contact etc .

Note – Before using this you have to create a Dataflow or choose default Dataflow

Steps –

Choose the objects ——> select the fields —-> select the relationships objects——> click on create button .