How To Connect Your Entire Non-Profit With Salesforce For Nonprofits?

Salesforce for Nonprofits provides a comprehensive and unified view of almost every interaction that occurs between clients, members, funders, volunteers, supporters and affiliates that are associated with your organization. It can be of immense use for you when it comes to offering improved programs and services followed by enhanced engagement and strengthening of your community. It has been created taking in to consideration the present social and mobile era in which we live and thus encourage effective communication and raising of more resources for your organization.

The entire non-profit could be empowered with Salesforce for Nonprofits by providing users with a clear picture of donors, volunteers, members and funders all in one place. Effective communication can also be established as the growing popularity of social and mobile technology has made it quite easier for non-profit to stay connected with people that matter their organization. With non-profit CRM, you can spread the word about your cause or communicate with a new prospect at the right time. It helps you create internal as well as external communities through which the people who want to become part of the solution can utilize the expertise of the entire ecosystem and thereby offer enhanced benefits for the nonprofits.

For effective communication, Salesforce for NonProfits offers features such as Email Marketing which contributes a lot in the fundraising initiative by any nonprofits. The email builder allows nonprofits to create tailored professional looking emails quickly and effectively. The presence of custom email authentication along with multivariate testing and flexible email scheduling makes email marketing quite easier for nonprofits. Social media engagement is another important benefit of non-profit CRM from Salesforce as it helps nonprofits to identify and participate in conversations that have the ability to shape their cause. In addition to it, they could effectively measure the efforts and express the value of investment the non-profit has made towards social media along with significant improvements towards the strategy of the non-profit organization.

Mobile marketing in Salesforce for nonprofits also plays a vital role as it helps them to easily create, send as well as track mobile messaging by making use of SMS marketing campaigns, push campaigns and email campaigns which would help nonprofits to send the right message at the right time. Similarly, lifecycle automation and management is also important to create effective engagement with a prospect and thereby helping nonprofits enhance their engagement along with a substantial increase in member satisfaction, retention along with an increase in donation rates. All this could be achieved by making use of data from any sources and then automating key lifecycle messages which can be forwarded to individuals with a personalized message whenever it is required.

Salesforce Nonprofit is designed to deliver better programs as well as services. Nonprofits can get the best out of staff by allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time on giving high-quality care for the clients as CRM for the non-profit is designed to manage the programs effectively by combining mobile and social apps. It helps in effective case management, grants management, program management, call centers and client service and the availability of Salesforce’s AppExchange that help fit the purpose of a non-profit.

Non-profit CRM from Salesforce also provides instant insight across your non-profit. Most of the nonprofits struggle when it comes to getting answers for understanding which of the following programs to be making the biggest impact and which of the campaign proved to be the most effective for them. Salesforce Wave Analytics is designed to help non-profit get key analytics beyond reports and dashboards. Instead of relying on prebuilt reports, it helps nonprofits to explore the data that is required for them instantly. Collaboration can be done immediately along with instant sharing of the insights with the team members are also possible with Salesforce Wave Analytics. Thus nonprofits could get details regarding the insights right from their phone itself and thus they would be able to transform the answers into collective action.

Furthermore Salesforce Cloud Service with its native and simply managed characteristics allows the data to be delivered securely from any source. Thus it offers enhanced reliability and convenience as it guarantees the right answers to be made available for the right people. App Cloud is yet another key feature on offer from Salesforce for NonProfits as it helps them build, run, manage as well as optimize their apps. Your non-profit can maintain a single Salesforce identity for its employees, partners and customers. Your organization can also have enhanced access to detailed performance, security as well as usage data through event monitoring. The event monitoring data could be then imported easily in to application monitoring tools such as Wave Analytics. Furthermore, App Cloud offers added benefits for non-profit organization such as platform encryption, access management, App Lifecycle management and Agile Accelerator functionality etc.