How to create Sales, Field Service and Inspection mobile projects for Salesforce

When it comes to enterprise mobility, the user adoption can be tricky. Therefore, we must make it as simple as it gets when introducing new mobile processes at companies.

Consider the versatility factor – the more personalized experience a field user gets, and the more versatile new business mobility solution is, the faster the user adopts it.

Does your company have a variety of teams that run specific operations in the field? You can equip each team with an app designed for a different case scenario. A team of sales reps, field service technicians or inspectors can get a full-valued app experience with a profile-specific customization.

Sales, field service and inspection users who must be productive on-the-go are now able to work with an out-of-the-box app with a pre-defined set of standard objects that can be further configured. The default customization you will get once you connect the Resco Mobile CRM app to your Salesforce organization, is optimized for an efficient offline mobile sales scenario using standard objects. With