What are the Different Platforms for Salesforce Mobile App Development Tools?

The Salesforce Lightning app is the browser based tool, which can be used by either developers or non-developers to develop the Salesforce apps. The easy to use drag and drop feature can help them to develop any of the required app using low code. Once the app is developed, it can easily be integrated with the customized dashboard so that it looks good and can be used by Salesforce users easily. The apps can also be uploaded into Salesforce1 app and all updates of the apps can also be downloaded by anyone and accessed by them the updates will be automatically downloaded whenever needed. The platform can be used by both new and traditional Salesforce developers, including Salesforce users. By hiring Salesforce consultant you can also get the desired app in desired time.

Low Code App Cloud Salesforce Platform

A CRM with low code is made available to ease the task of the users. In the same line, Salesforce CRM also offers low code app building platform to its users so that both Salesforce developers and non-developers can use these apps to develop the Salesforce apps. The low code concept is given for this purpose to the Salesforce users by the company. The users therefore can use it differently and deliver or develop the Salesforce apps. Many users can be benefited from Salesforce low code platform and the one who need technical help can also outsource the service of certified Salesforce developers, who are proficient in developing Salesforce apps with low or high coding.

Use of App Cloud Platform for low code

App Cloud platform of Salesforce was launched by Salesforce, which has set of mobile app-focused development tools. The product, launched by the company is a mix of tools, which can be used to develop front end and back end functionality for the Salesforce mobile apps and can work with Salesforce APIs and data platforms. The App Cloud Platform is a cloud based platform, so provide the ease to be accessed from anywhere by Salesforce developers or the users. The customized apps can be tested and developed remotely as well.

The low code platform of Salesforce can be beneficial for both various types of Salesforce developers not only this the apps for various organizational needs can be easily developed as well. The company has provided complete tutorial for the technology, so that user can easily learn and become a successful mobile app developer and develop the responsive apps. The platform is bringing all types of Salesforce apps, users and the developers together in order to provide them an integrated and advanced functional environment to the Salesforce users.

Feature Rich Responsive Platform

Salesforce is popular for developing the apps suitable for its users even as per the requirement and feedback company keeps on launching new technologies and apps for its users. Similarly the Salesforce users can also use any expert service if they need any customized and personalized responsive app for their business operations. The Salesforce users were expecting the apps, which can be easily used on mobile by their sales or marketing representatives. Moreover they also were expecting the apps, which looks beautiful and are technically advanced or can be connected to the data source from anywhere at any time. Through App Cloud platform all can be done easily, since the platform is quite new, so the existing Salesforce users can take the help of certified and experienced Salesforce developers to get the mobile responsive and technically advanced Salesforce apps.

Various Useful Technical Platform

So far Salesforce has launched a number of applications and platforms like Force.com, which is like its APEX development environment but can be used to develop mobile apps. Similarly the Salesforce Lightning can provide the mobile apps, developed using Salesforce1 mobile app development environment. The final one Heroku is a PaaS development platform, which is capable to host data, integrate APIs and to run many code bundles simultaneously.

This complete App Cloud mobile bundle allows the developers to manage, control and access the available services or data through mobile devices, moreover he developers can also distribute he code inside and outside of the business. The Lightning components can be developed using low code techniques just by using drag and drop features of the app platform. Still the Salesforce developers and users use the existing languages to develop the new apps and collaborate the existing one.

The user and developers can use the SDK to develop the secured apps by using safe data access and for this they can use any of the existing technology like Apache Cordova, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, not only this the external APIs and data can also be brought or import into the new apps by using Heroku Connect. Using Heroku the data fields can be mapped between previous and new databases and link the Salesforce data with the code.