How To Optimize Organizational Operation To Implement Salesforce Lightning Successfully

Salesforce Lightning is a new platform, given by Salesforce which is crisper and have many new features and a new interface is introduced for the Salesforce developers. In comparison to Salesforce Classic, this new Salesforce Lightning platform has user interactive and feaured platform, through which the new Salesforce Lightning components can be developed. Salesforce launched the Lightning version as per the requirements and feedback provided by its customers. Salesforce has tried to include the missing features, which were not there in Salesforce Classic and these features make it faster and easy to use, even a person from no coding background can implement these features.

A number of Salesforce classic users still doubt that whether they should move to the new Lightning version or not as they are not certain that they have complete knowledge of Salesforce Lightning or not. Moreover there are a few features and functionalities which are missing in Salesforce Lightning. The organizations have been habitual of Classic View and so they think that why should they move to Lightning version? However, Salesforce is continuously improving its LEX version and any of the certified Salesforce developer can easily transform Salesforce Classic to Lightning. They have complete experience and follow a procedure to ensure that whether your organization is ready for new Lightning experience or not?

How to be Sure about Lightning Experience Readiness?

An automated report can be generated just to check that whether your organization is ready for Lightning or not, for this Salesforce provides the tools to ensure the organizations about their readiness for Salesforce Lightning. There are certain parameters on which the organizational readiness is checked and they are listed below:

  •          Look up filters
  •          Sales cloud related lists
  •          User Profiles
  •          Email Templates
  •          Custom Buttons and Links
  •          Omni Channel
  •          Homepage and Sidebar Components
  •          SOS
  •          Live Agent
  •          Cases
  •          Salesforce console
  •          Service contract
  •          Solutions
  •          Entitlements
  •          App exchange packages
  •          Visualforce overrides
  •          Sharing buttons
  •          Hard coded URLs and My Domain
  •          Third Party CTI
  •          Sharing Buttons

The report generated here will give only the information about readiness check of your organization, one can still check for many other parameters for this readiness and the features, which are not supported by Lightning experience. This report can only give you an idea about the readiness of your organization for Salesforce Lightning.

However as this auto generated report may miss some of the features, which should be checked before transformation, so for that you can take the help of any Salesforce Lightning Implementation service provider, who will let you know the complete result of this report and you can be sure about this. Even these experts can let you know that how you can optimize your organizational operation in order to implement Salesforce Lightning successfully. You can make your migration easy and improved by taking the help of any such service provider.

Whether You Should Implement Salesforce Lightning or not decision completely depend on the report, that will be generated through this Readiness check. Any Salesforce developer or certified professional who have implemented Salesforce for any organization can easily evaluate your existing organizational operational. So, when you transform from Classic to lightning, you can get both of the reports one is that which is auto generated and other which you can get from your Salesforce implementation service report. Now you may think that how can you get the report of Salesforce evaluation. To generate the report following steps should be followed by you:

Steps to be followed to Generate Salesforce Lightning Readiness Auto generated Report

In order to get the Lightning Readiness Check Report, you will have to log into your Salesforce account and from there you can download the report, through following steps:

1)      From your Salesforce account, goto your Setup page and there you will find the quick search bar in left navigational panel, there under ‘User Profile’ click ‘Lightning Experience’.

2)      Here you will find the Migration Assistant and you can learn about Lightning Migration from here. Through Evaluate if ‘Lightning Experience is right for your org’ and from here find the option ‘Check your Lightning Experience Readiness’ and click on this option.

3)      From here click ‘Evaluate’ option and from here you can automatically evaluate the readiness and get the recommendations in the form of report.


Any organization which is currently using Salesforce Classic and want to use popular and usable features of Salesforce Lightning, can check their readiness and take the decision accordingly. Moreover, if you are not able to analyze your report, then you can outsource the Salesforce migration service. For this there are a number of such Salesforce Lightning Development Company, who are much experienced and have Salesforce Lightning professionals, who can assist you in your migration.