Trends to watch in Cloud Computing – 2017

Over the past few years, ease of access and enhanced security features has made cloud to attain great popularity. As a result of which, today, an umpteen number of corporate houses and organizers worldwide are taking the support of cloud-based tools for seamless management of principle areas of a business. Its increased flexibility, scalability and redundancy have made cloud technology more enterprise-oriented and move many business applications towards it.

To lend you a helping hand here we are going to discuss some of the major trends of cloud computing to dominate the market in 2017.

Migrating to the cloud model

With the growing popularity of organizations spending a huge budget on cloud based apps, the trend to replace massive infrastructure of a IT firm with redundant and dependable cloud based apps is also expected to continue in coming years. As per the sources it was found that by the end of 2017 the cloud market is assumed to register around 146 billion dollars. Going forward, market leaders such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google are anticipated to claim a good share of the cloud market.

Hyper convergence

Though the complete solution for hyper convergence is far away, Hyper convergence systems are the building blocks for creating a strong base for cloud infrastructure.

Server less computing

This idea was put forth in late 2015 but is expected to rule the cloud market in 2017. Although the term sounds different, it supports IT administrations to build the apps without depending on the infrastructure sources. Also, developers will have the opportunity to focus more on improving of the code without worrying about operational concerns.

Use of Hybrid Cloud Model

Although many organizations today are advanced enough in preparing their next generation IT infrastructure, they are lacking the attention on disaster recovery solutions. For that an umpteen number of firms may rely on Hybrid cloud model to avoid the latencies in app usage in peak periods. In addition to this it also helps the firms to run complex processes on public cloud

Shifting of services between two different cloud providers

Today, Very few organizations are moving the workloads between two different cloud providers. But, we expect to see a change in the future with the increase in the usage of cloud service providers. Organizations therefore are suggested to design their Cloud Services that can adapt to different platforms.

There are many other cloud trends to look into such as securing and auditing services, open-source, new cloud services to address specific issues, cloud monitoring as a service, and many others.