The Power of Invoicing with Salesforce CPQ

Has your team ever been in a situation where:

1) You have an exhaustive list of products and service offerings with multiple possible combinations and configurations

2) Preparing the quote is challenging, laborious, and error-prone

3) The sales team often sends incorrect quotes and must go back and make corrections, much to the embarrassment of the company

4) Invoicing is erroneous – example: invoice sent to customers who are inactive or unsubscribed to your services

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you MUST empower the team with Virtisio’s Salesforce CPQ expertise.

Healthcare and Insurance companies’ product offerings include complex catalogs with hundreds of line items, range pricing, system discounts, multiple revenue models, and contract renewals. To arrive at a quote, the sales rep will have to manually stitch the data sourced from different places – which is tedious and error-prone. Such unique problems call for an efficient system to keep track of various data with logic and business rules.

CPQ allows the sales associate to save a tremendous amount of time by presenting the correct quote the first time. After completion, the quote gets routed for approval and sent to the customer through a DocuSign integration. Once the customer accepts and signs the contract, products and subscriptions are activated. The whole process becomes one seamless activity, from quote to invoice. With Virtisio’s extensive experience in Salesforce CPQ, your sales team will have timely information to meet customer needs proactively.