Salesforce Spring24 Release Notes Are Here: What’s New

The release notes for Salesforce Spring24 release notes are available here. The anticipated Spring24 release enables teams to work smarter by offering new product enhancements based on the Salesforce motto: Data + AI + CRM + Trust. 

While the release notes include various new features, they will not be available until January 12th, when they are put into production for the first weekend of the release, followed by subsequent weekends on February 2nd and February 9th.

Meanwhile, we’ve gathered a summary of the most recent Spring24 release features in our article to keep you informed about what’s coming to your business this spring. Take a peek!

Salesforce Spring Release 24: Prominent Features 

This release makes several updates to the LWC and Aura components. One new Salesforce feature is the wrap-table-header attribute in the lighting-data components, which allows header text to be wrapped by column widths. 

In addition, there is a big change to lighting: navigation in Aura now revolves around the replacement property within the traverse (PageReference, page) method, allowing for quick action navigation. 

Apart from that, some of the major changes for developers include: 

Scratch Org Snapshot

Currently, in beta, this technology allows users to clone and scratch organizations at any time, allowing them to quickly create replicants of scratch organizations with precise project dependencies, eliminating the need for repetitive human configuration.  

Introducing the New Compression Namespace

This feature enables developers to create and extract compressed files by including zip functions. Notable features include the ability to choose individual compression levels. 

Enable ICU Loacale Formats

Salesforce developers can now use locale formats for dates and currencies in Salesforce, allowing their products to switch between languages and nations seamlessly.  

Salesforce Spring24 Release for Administrators 

Administrators will benefit from several new features in the Spring24 release. Some of the key modifications are listed here.

Enable Faster Account Sharing Regulation 

Salesforce is updating the automated account-sharing recalculation mechanism for the opportunity object as part of its performance enhancement initiatives. Implicit child-sharing records are no longer kept between accounts; when they attempt to access them, the system creates a new kid opportunity record. 

Dynamic Mobile Actions for Standard Objects 

This release enables administrators to apply dynamic actions for standard objects on mobile devices by assigning them in the Lightning AppBuilder, eliminating the need for page layout adjustments. Filters can be used to manage the visibility and placement of user activities.

Rich Text and Image Widgets in the Lighting Dashboard

Administrators can now add text and photographs to the dashboard in all Salesforce versions, up to five filters and simple record field adjustments in report filters.  

Permission Updates

This release includes several significant permissions changes. 

  • Permission Sets are now accessible in all Salesforce versions. 
  • Error notice while deleting a Permission Set that is a component of a Permission and has users assigned to it. 
  • New reference picklist fields, groups, and queues for generating User Access Policies (beta version). 

Spring24 Release: Top Features in Flow 

In Spring24, AI predictions are extended to flow. Within the Data Cloud org, the Flow Actions element in the data cloud category allows your Flow to leverage AI models created within Data Cloud, effortlessly integrating them across the Flow.   

Validate the Input Properties Menu on the Component in Canvas

This release brings additional input features to Salesforce Flow’s Data Table component, as well as other components like Name, Address, Lookup, and URL. 

Debugging Tools for Data Cloud-Triggered Flows

The new Data Cloud-triggered flow debug tool in Flow Builder enables users to test and troubleshoot flow behavior while preserving actual data. This simulation ensures that the flow operates properly before any development or modifications.

Last Words 

So, this concludes this article; here are the Salesforce Spring24 release notes. We covered all of the new features and release notes. Follow CloudMetic Solutions for more Salesforce-related information and updates.