Self Service – The key for Customer Satisfaction and Cost reduction

Self-service is the practice of serving oneself, classic example is the Automatic Teller Machines(ATMs) in the banking world, which revolutionized how people withdraw and deposit funds. In the digital world self-service comes in many forms – password reset, service request, online check-in, incident report (e.g. power outage) and many more. You might even say that self-service is the highest form of service you can offer your customers, where you give them the ability to control what to do, when to do it and how to do it. More advanced form of self-service create interaction with the customer based on logical conditions and integration to your salesforce CRM.

Imagine what you could do if you had the option to give your customers and partners the ability to read and update multiple salesforce objects (including custom ones) from 1 FORM. Using FORMTITAN you can do it without a single line of code and all you need is a salesforce account and creativity.

Empowering your customers and partners will not only save you operational cost it will also boost your sales and collaboration. Self-service create the echo system for collaboration and knowledge sharing between your customers giving you the insight to new information generating new lead options, business opportunities and even ideas for new products and services.

Here are few examples for Self-Service:Problem Solving – using logical conditions and integration to your knowledge base you can create smart Forms, which lead to user interaction where the customer will try to resolve the problem by answering a set of dynamic questions, if not successful open a case in your CRM is always the last step and no customer support representative was involved at any stage.

Service Request – your product and services base is constantly changing and updating, when integrated with your CRM you can immediately expose your customers and partners to your new portfolio giving them the ability to request new services and products and increase your sales and revenue.

Dashboards – every customer, manager, partner and anyone else involved in a sales process, service request or incident wants to know “what is the status”. Instead of having them call your customer service, be frustrated and in the dark, give them the ability to see what is going on at any stage or time and leave their feedback.

Reports – reports are important for business, this is the best way to get insight into your business transactions and operation, they help you better plan your future requirements and strategy. Giving your customers and partners the ability to design and build the reports they need will bring them business value and create dependency on your services. By giving more, you will get more, every report they will create is yours to view and use to improve your services and products.

Why to use Self-service is clear, what you can do with it is up to you but the best way to do it when working with salesforce is using FORMTITAN.