How does the Salesforce IoT Cloud system build End-to-End Customer Experience?

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As the internet of things evolves from buzzword to best practice, business organizations are now looking much harder to generate value from the trillions of events generated via the connected devices. Since the Salesforce IoT Cloud started its partnership with AWS IoT to create end-to-end solutions, Salesforce consulting companies have been laser focused on looking for new ways of combining device data with customer data in Salesforce, which empowers businesses to build meaningful customer experiences that are based on real-time activity across the connected devices.


IoT Cloud is powered by Salesforce Thunder that connects billions of events from sensors, devices, apps and more the internet of things to Salesforce. With the help of devices in the IoT, many organizations draw and capture big amounts of data. With the Salesforce IoT Cloud, the technology makes it possible to perform three truly huge things, such as listening to the world at IoT scale, trigger actions with real-time rules and using the power of Salesforce to engage in a proactive manner.

The Salesforce IoT cloud combines all important streaming device data from AWS IoT’s managed cloud platform with customer context data that’s found in CRM, enabling business organizations to build meaningful customer experiences, which are based on real-time activity across all connected devices.


Today, businesses need the IoT cloud to build the following:

1. Proactive actions for their business processes. 2. Facilitate the power of IoT cloud to facilitate closer and better communication with employees, partners and of course customers.3. Generate powerful insights and use them to boost customer engagement and experiences. 4. Collate data, connect products and provide context to the format and product agnostic data. 5. Facilitate communication with all Salesforce clouds or third-party services. 6. Choose significant events with intuitive tools and trigger real-time actions. 7. Connect to any or all Salesforce clouds to surface insights as well as trigger personalized actions.


The Salesforce development service providers and consulting services help in designing and developing the right internet of things solutions to a business, including:

  • Develop applications for connected products with the Salesforce platform
  • Use flexible Salesforce APIs to get information from connected devices
  • Provide a unified view through integration of existing IoT applications with Salesforce
  • Create intuitive tools for businesses to determine significant events as well as trigger actions
  • Automate actions in any Salesforce cloud with integrated applications


LISTEN TO THE WORLD AT AN IoT SCALE The IoT Cloud of Salesforce could capture events and the resulting customer’s data almost anywhere, be it a human interaction or from sensors, devices website engagements, mobile events, email histories or location. The system furthermore promises to ingest more elaborate data from the Industrial IoT, sending information from warehouses, factories, wind turbines, jet engines, similarly complex systems, which have been equipped with sensors.

HANDLE TRIGGER ACTIONS WITH REAL-TIME RULESOnce relevant data is capture, one could harness the power of the internet of things an turn the generated data by each and every one of the customers, devices, partners and sensors to meaningful action through processing huge data quantities, create business rules with intuitive, simple tools and proactively engage with customers in real-time.

USE THE SALESFORCE POWER FOR PROACTIVE RESPONSEThe IoT cloud is connected to all other Salesforce Clouds, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and App Cloud. IoT cloud help leverage the full power and potential of Salesforce for proactive engagement with customers and employees. Activities such as making cases, connection through chatter, connecting with users, sending emails with users for lead process are some examples.

The Salesforce IoT is not only about connecting devices, it is about connecting a business or organization to the customers across each and every connected device. Furthermore, anybody does this well in Salesforce, creating deeper relationships through providing proactive support, reliable performance and helpful new services. The new cloud service, IoT cloud would offer information on how customers use internet of things products that would allow companies refine how they approach service to connected businesses as well as boost their pitches of new customers in those industries.