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Women in Tech in Salesforce Ecosystem

The days of gender inequality in this Tech World are long gone. The Salesforce WIT ecosystem is one such initiative that is dedicated to prompting women to take on the role of leaders in the workplace. Recognized by Forbes as the World’s #1 Innovative Company, the Salesforce ecosystem is dedicated to helping women in tech who are passionate about what they do.

So why do we need more women in technology?

Because not only is it the right thing to do, but in the Salesforce Ecosystem it has also been seen that women are the ones who thrive more. It promotes both equality and diversity in the workplace. Also, research has shown, time and again, that having a greater percentage of women in technology, results in superior performance, and motivation in the team. Now which company wouldn’t want that?

What values does WIT in Salesforce Ecosystem stand for?

Short for Women in Technology, WIT is dedicated to providing seamless betterment for women in the workplace. The importance of women in technology is immense, and their contribution can’t be ignored. That is why Salesforce has started this initiative as a means to empower more and more women to make their mark in the world of automation.

How does Salesforce Ecosystem help women to thrive in the technology industry?

The Women in Tech in Salesforce ecosystem is extremely passionate about providing support to female technologists. Through campaigns and talks, they aim to inspire women to come forward and be the leaders in an industry that was once considered to be a man’s playground.

The Women in Tech groups in the Salesforce ecosystem conduct several sessions where women who have made their mark in the industry, come and share their stories. Discussions about the hardships that they have faced in a male-dominated world. There are also Women in Tech events hosted by Salesforce women’s network every year to address their contribution.

Why is Salesforce Ecosystem an ideal platform for promoting WIT?

At Salesforce, women relish a lot of deserving opportunities and a platform to excel in their roles in the tech industry. What makes it such a great platform for promoting WIT is because of the excellent culture practiced here. The most notable among these are:

  • Real Parent Leave & Childcare Facilities In most industries, women are forced to take the decision to end their careers after the birth of a baby. It is no different in the tech industry. At Salesforce, there are awesome benefits that are offered to both primary and secondary caregivers in case of a newborn baby or even adoption.
  • Equal Pay At Salesforce, one of the core values followed, is that of closing the existing pay gap (if any), between men and women working in similar capabilities. Their commitment to the motto of “equality for all”, is an ongoing process to help motivate more women to excel in the field of technology.
  • The concept of Ohana Salesforce ecosystem believes in the concept of Ohana – or the notion of family. This helps women in the tech industry to come forward and contribute in a greater multitude of capabilities. Women in Tech in Salesforce ecosystem is definitely a great platform to help them reach out and learn from hundreds of other women from other chapters.

What is Salesforce’s Role in Advocating Equal Rights?

Over the years has advocated equal rights in work and society, for women. The WIT seminars are specifically designed to encourage women entrepreneurs, around the globe. It is a fact that women technology entrepreneurs, working in isolation, face lots of hindrances and resistance.

That is why provides this marvelous platform in the form of WIT to encourage women entrepreneurs and women in technology to support each other in the path of success. Here the Mentoring Women in Business Program provides the technology to communicate and connect with fellow women professionals.

The online platform helps women entrepreneurs to share their issues and problems along with the process they adopted in order to overcome them. This not only equips them with the potential to deal with their own hurdles but also provides them enough motivation to overcome the struggle.

How does the Salesforce Ecosystem address Gender Equality?

Salesforce Ecosystem promotes gender equality in technology and business in three major forms.

  • Promoting Women Leaders The Salesforce Ecosystem likes to encourage new women businesspersons by setting examples of strong women leaders and entrepreneurs. The discussion forum encourages participation and contribution from female leaders of business and technology. These established leaders motivate each other by sharing their stories of success and how they have maneuvered technological innovations in order to find different niches of the market. The top women business leaders narrate their stories and inspire the other women entrepreneurs, who are currently dealing with their own challenges.
  • Closing Down on Gender Pay Gap The WIT platform strongly talks about the gender pay gaps and the means to challenge the issue. The speakers of the forum have constantly raised their voice against any kind of discrimination that various women employees of technology, face around the world. One of the main objectives of this forum is to make the presence of women more prominent, in the field of technology and business. And for that reason, WIT provides an opportunity for women technology innovators and entrepreneurs to raise their voice against the issue. The Salesforce Ecosystem harvests a culture which positively promotes and practices equality in pay and opportunity in the work and more specifically in the technological industry. WIT propagates a message that encourages equal pay and progress for women in the workplace. Over many years, the discrimination inflicted upon women, in technological industries, has made space for many unfair practices like gender pay gap. That is the reason why the Salesforce Ecosystem helps women raise their voices against such exploitation.
  • Diminishing the Concept of Motherhood Penalty Motherhood can sometimes translate into women losing their job, due to the long leaves, they are forced to take. It results in a slowing down of their career, and may even find it difficult to get back into the groove after joining back. However, even though it may be a slow phase in a woman’s career, it in no way means that they will stop working. That is why WIT, as a platform for independent professional women in technology, demands implementations of policy regarding paternal breaks, so that the mothers can come back and join work as soon as possible. The common notion, in the technology industry, is that the beautiful concept of motherhood is not valued properly. It is also believed that women take longer to adapt to the work environment upon returning from the maternity leaves. Most of the employers of the technological industry perceive pregnancy as a potential loss to their human capital. However, according to Salesforce and WIT is the lack of the proper policies which makes it difficult. The mother alone shouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility of raising the child. The entire leave can be divided among both of the parents. Also, companies can provide in-house daycare facilities and add it as a benefit to a working mother. This kind of initiatives will definitely boost the morale of women in technology and also at the same time it will encourage them to associate with the firm, in a more profound manner. WIT as a platform raises its voice for providing this kind of benefits to working mothers, all across the technological domain, belonging to both developed and developing nations.

The aim is to bring forward more and more thought-provoking and motivated women in this up-growing network.

What are the WIT groups doing to Empower Women with Technology?

Women are by nature great communicators and technology equips them with a great tool to connect and share. Over the past few years, WIT has brought together great women leaders who have inspired others to take major roles in the field of technology.

WIT believes that the change should come from the women business leaders in the fields of technology. It is through the women entrepreneurs of technology the overall social change can occur.  In order to implement a positive social change enabling women to use technology, these kinds of platforms are required.

What has Women Centric Initiatives, WIT folks taken?

In order to bring the desired social change, WIT has adopted various female-forward seminars. In such initiatives, women from different socio-economic backgrounds and different regions are brought together and encouraged to participate.

It is through the medium of technology and advancement in the fields of information processing, these women are being connected on a single platform. This is a direct initiative adopted by the Salesforce Ecosystem to bring in the desired social change.

By encouraging women from different age and socio-economic backgrounds, to participate and work, WIT is making sure that the social stigma inhibiting women from being in the fields of technology and science gets diminished.

In this way, science and technological fields will no longer be perceived as the exclusive playground for men. Salesforce Ecosystem has taken the initiative to break the barriers and introduce a culture when equality is not only propagated but also practiced.

Salesforce Women in Technology (Group or Network), along with the Geeky Girl Panel takes part in different initiatives wherein they motivate women to come and be a part of this wonderful revolution.

Salesforce’s past Dreamforce events had drawn much positive attention and with about 150K+ attendees in the event, Salesforce Ecosystem has successfully delivered the message of equality of women in the fields of technology.

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