Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Delivering Innovation with a Difference

Dip in revenue, inconsistent customer experience, sluggish pace of operations and straight-jacketed scalability aren’t good for business, but when they become routine, the doom isn’t far. Cutting corners, ignoring bottlenecks, depending on siloed on-premise systems, convoluted browsing and ordering process can thwart the chances of customers spending time and money on your website.

Organizations need to wake up and smell the coffee. They must take decisive steps to counter today’s challenges the way they are meant to be dealt with. A sound Salesforce commerce cloud implementation can do the trick for you. It can help you maintain cost efficiency, provide a seamless, unified omni-channel experience, use commerce data effectively and not let your shortcomings get the better of you. Here’s how:

Your Passport to a Unified, Cross-Channel Experience

By still running on your old systems, your sales may not have plummeted. In fact, you might even do well, sometimes. After all, who knows how the cookie crumbles? Right. Well, not really! Momentary elevations in sales or productivity may look sweet, but they are bound to drop sooner or later under the weight of non-existent integrations, inconsistent standards, lack of interoperability between tools and almost no centralization.A sound commerce cloud solution will share service and data models that will be leveraged throughout all direct interaction channels. It will present you with a combined view of your products, orders, promotions, inventory, customers, interactions, and stores. Likewise, every channel can utilize services like merchandising and transaction management as well as leverage core capabilities, thereby increasing agility, and delivering a seamless, personalized experience across the entire spectrum.

Boundless Customization

If it weren’t for the unlimited customization opportunity Commerce cloud offers, its recognition in the industry wouldn’t have soared the way it has. Its open architecture is the reason why even the most distinct customizations and integration can be carried out with no difficulty. Its full set of APIs lets other web applications to easily interact with commerce functionality of the cloud. Besides, commerce cloud will be a delight for your technical teams, since it comes with a development environment for full customization. This means, deploying custom business logic across commerce channels, getting access to the extensive library of pre-built, and certified integrations via the LINK technology partner marketplace. All in all, it’ll help them create custom brand experiences across various customer touchpoints and channels.

Innovation: Instant and Incessant

Not delivering innovative experiences across channels without delays or dependencies, cannot bode well for your business. However, if you’re in the hands of a capable Salesforce commerce cloud implementation partner, you needn’t fret. Commerce cloud offers you a constant stream of new features and updates minus any interference with your everyday operations. These automatic updates are carried out around eight times through the year.In other words, you’ll have the latest version and access to the latest technology, including the advancements made in commerce cloud Einstein.

This will ensure that you keep pace with the ever-evolving retail landscape and the expectations of your customers.

Wrapping Up

According to a recent research by Salesforce, Marketing trends across retail and consumer goods, around 65% of retail and consumers goods and marketing leaders have become focussed about having a single shared view of the customer.

The research also claims that a total of 72% of marketing leaders have a razor sharp focus on providing a consistent experience across in-store, online, email, mobile and social.

Salesforce Commerce cloud with its dynamic ecosystem powered by immediacy, intelligence, and personalization, can put your business on a fast track to success.

The unique ability to enable anytime, anywhere—buying, purchasing and fulfillment makes complex operations cost-effective for you, and convenient for your customers.