Salesforce Visual Composer – Populate any PDF with Salesforce Data

There are many uses case that will require your customer to manually sign a Document, few examples are: NDA, Contract or Power of Attorney.

In other cases, you may need to issue a letter to your customer, few examples are: Order Document, Thank you Letter, Service Bill or any other type of report or service Letter.

Customers today will not accept any type of paper form, farther more they expect everything to be available for them on their mobile, they want to do it now and they want an immediate response.

Every management will expect their Digital and IT department to provide these services and to have them integrated with the companies CRM platform.

To provide these services you will need to overcome 3 main challenges:

·       How do I incorporate salesforce data into the document?

·       How do I incorporate user inserted data into the Document?

·       How do I get my user to digitally sign the Document?

Using FORMTITAN Salesforce Visual Composer you can overcome these challenges without a single line of code or heavy budget expense.