Salesforce Product : Financial Services Cloud

The world’s #1 CRM Salesforce has something great for financial services which is Financial Services CloudFinancial Services Cloud enables the feature to connect entire organization across the line of business, through same you have a 360-degree visibility into the client’s financial profiles which puts your customer at the centre of every interaction.

The three success platform for a customer that exist in Salesforce :

  • Data: Data services, API services, and customer data come under the category of data in Salesforce.
  • Intelligence: Insight obtains from all information existing in the data layer that helps to make faster and efficient decisions.
  • Apps: Applications of various varieties like Sales, Service, Marketing, Community, and Analytics clouds help your bankers and advisers to become more productive and grow your business to achieve higher heights.

Generally, customer’s data is stored in multiple places which makes advisers difficult to access information and work upon which is also a time-consuming activity. Through Financial Services Cloud, advisers can get instant access to all customer data at one place which makes them allow to focus only on building customer relationships and relax them for chasing data.

Yes, the question comes to mind about data security constraints that specific data can be accessible to their specific users only. This whole security can easily be handled the administrator.

In terms of relationships, this cloud lets admin looks at customer’s financial account at one place. And the list of financial accounts is investment accounts, credit accounts, deposit accounts, insurance policies etc. Through the help of these, the advisers can discover about how much an individual or household assets of the customer are under their management and how much is held away.

As per an intelligence purpose the Financial Services Cloud works together with Einstein Analytics for scoring leads, prioritize them and converts them smarter and faster. Through this cloud, Productivity cards can introduce on the homepage which highlights the most important tasks for advisers. Daily tasks, opportunities, and ranked leads come under this card.  Advisers are guided to focus only upon the most productive activities and can manage their day more efficiently.

The preconfigured analytics dashboards embedded directly into Financial Services Cloud through which advisers can instantly segment their book of business to make more informed client decisions all within a single and integrated application. Advisers can compare client revenue against their advising activities and identify the key actions to apply to high-potential clients. He finds dashboards that track critical business metrics to help keep everyone focused on the right priorities. Other than dashboards in-context collaboration feature is also there. Collaboration provides access to the right people at the right moment to make sure that the company is aligned.

This productivity tool simplifies the life of advisers and personal bankers to focus only on building deep relationships with customers, no worries about to gather and chasing the relevant data.

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