How to Import Salesforce Data in Marketing cloud?

How to Import Salesforce Data in Marketing cloud?

Note – Before Importing the data you need to check your marketing cloud is integrated to salesforce org .check out your connection properly.

  1. Click Email studio —–> Click Email
  2. Click Interactions —–> Click on Import
  3. Click Create Button —–>
    • Enter the Name
    • Enter the Description
    • Enter the External key
  4. Choose the File Location —–> Salesforce Objects and Reports
    • You can select any objects and reports; whatever you want.
  5. Select the Update Type —–> Add or Add update (According to your requirements).
  6. Click on Save button.
  7. After saving it —–> Click on start button which is located on Top.


  1. Start Button is enabled when you click on the checkbox of this import.
  2. when you import the data you have to select a primary key.

This Data is shown in salesforce Data Extensions in Marketing cloud, In which you can fetch all the records of Salesforce.