Salesforce Product : Community Cloud

Salesforce Product: Community Cloud

Community Cloud can determine either a portal, a help forum, a support site, HR central, or something else, an online community is a great place to connect with the important folks in a new and different way. At the most basic level, we can say that a community is a group of people who can share a common mission or goal. The community can be useful to generate ideas for new products.

Data from your community existing in your Salesforce org, and data in your Salesforce org can be shared externally through your community. In short, a community built using the Community Cloud provides a window into your Salesforce world.

Let’s have a quick demo of what can we do with community.

Common Use Cases Of Community

  • Customer Service and Account Portals: By accessing the knowledge base, service agents, and peer-to-peer support community empowers your customers to find a solution to their related issues on their own.
  • Partner Relationship Management and Channel Sales: Increase your revenue by collaborating on opportunities and deals. Onboard partners quickly by sharing content and training materials.
  • Employee Relationships: Retain happier employees by providing a space for them to easily complete their on-boarding, learn about benefits, and resolve HR issues.

Community Engagement With Your Customers

Community cloud for customers let :

  • Customers share experiences and expertise with other customers.
  • Support customers as they make purchasing decisions.
  • Customers a one-stop-shop for finding information about your company and products.

We can further divide the community into two different segments for individual and business clients etc as requirements.


Individual Client Customer Support Community Business Client Customer Support Community
Enable peer-to-peer interactions for helping customers to solve their cases by their interactions. Enable businesses to manage their order
Let customers create cases online when needed. Review monthly statements
Give access to mobile devices. Let customers create cases online when necessary.
Give access to mobile devices

Community Engagement With Your Partners

As like customers, an organisation also stand with their channel partners which can either outsource or help the organisation in parallel in terms of sales and service etc. Through community cloud, we can create a separate community for organisation partners by which key people can provide resources or fulfil any further requirements of their partners.

Community Engagement With Your Employees

Community cloud enables a separate community for the employees of an organisation where every employee of either sales, customer service, and engineers each see a different homepage while login. And at the same time, every employee has the same information that’s been published by the organisation for employees. This whole can make HR to easily approach to employees and also the employees can easily get a faster solution for their requirements.

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