Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

Marketing Cloud is a family of seven primary products which are further categorized into three different buckets. Every product and various combinations of these helps to meet specific digital marketing need.

Marketing Cloud Messaging Products
Email Studio Mobile Studio Journey Builder
Marketing Cloud Advertising and Data Products
Advertising Studio Salesforce DMP Salesforce Data Studio
Marketing Cloud Social Media Management
Social Studio

Marketing Cloud Product : Email Studio

Email Studio enables a feature to send personalized email either to thousands or millions of customers as per business need. You can target customers based on the data collects from them even also you can easily track the performance of emails that what exactly they are performing.

By Email Studio, you can

  • Automate and scale all interactions with your customers
  • Create dynamic email content with drag-and-drop tools.
  • Use mobile-optimized email templates.

Email Studio Common Use Cases:

  • Create and send “Happy birthday” message to all subscribers and offers a discount on that day.
  • For mass communication to employees about any events.

Marketing Cloud Product: Mobile Studio

Nowadays, carrying mobile is must have so it’s the best option to choose by an organization to have an immediate engagement of their customers by sending SMS alerts to their phones about any events, offers or any organizational changes. The best way is to integrate your CRM data and marketing analytics with your mobile campaigns to have real-time interactions with your customers. It may give huge benefits to the growth of any organization.


By Mobile Studio you can,

  • Track and send text messages with SMS.
  • Create and automate custom solutions with mobile APIs.
  • Track when customers open your app, how much time they spend interacting with it, and details about their location.

Mobile Studio Common Use Cases :

  • Send your customers mobile tickets and coupons to complete customer services updates and surveys.
  • Send the latest deal to the customer who walks into one of the physical outlets.

Marketing Cloud Product: Journey Builder

Journey Builder can create the sequence of flow that how and when emails or push notifications are sent to your subscribers. Whatever the process is going, in either email alerts, messaging etc will be lined up in journey builder and then the process moves on automatically.

Marketing Cloud Product: Advertising Studio

Through Advertising Studio you can easily customize and manage campaigns so that based on customers profile the relevant content is presented in-front of customers.

By Advertising Studio you can,

  • Advertise relevant content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Visualize data using analytics.
  • Use Salesforce CRM data to target your advertising content.

Advertising Studio Common Use Case :

First, fetch customer details who haven’t clicked your email for 180 days and by using CRM data identify the subscribers and target them for advertising and make inactive customers active.

Marketing Cloud Product: Salesforce DMP

Data Management Platform (DMP), it captures and analyze the consumer data and provides instructions based on insights generated by the platform. DMP is interacting with more than 3 billion browsers and devices support more than 200 billion data collection events and orchestrate more than 200 billion personalized consumer experiences.

Salesforce DMP Common Use Case :

It’s been helpful to get target audience according to their interest to improve results.

Marketing Cloud Product: Salesforce Data Studio

A Data Sharing Platform that allows marketers, brands, and publishers to expand their reach, discover new audiences.

Salesforce Data Studio Common Use Case :

Publishers and Data Owners have been reluctant to share their data because they are unable to control what was shared and with whom. Data Studio, a solution and is fully controlled by data owners, so data buyers and data sellers can transact with confidence.

Marketing Cloud Product: Social Studio

Through Social Studio you can listen, publish, engage, and analyze your customer’s conversations on social media.

By Social Studio you can,

  • Plan and publish social marketing campaigns.
  • Listen to and analyze social media conversations to monitor your social media presence.

Social Studio Common Use Case :

When customer complaint on any social media platform (i.e Twitter, Facebook etc) about any wrong product that delivered, process trigger and intimate customer service team and provides the best solution they have also this process increase customer satisfaction rates.

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