Salesforce Product : Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Product : Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud is one of the product among other products of Salesforce also plays a key role for making Salesforce customers so successful. Commerce cloud launched in July’2016 when Salesforce acquired Demandware, an industry that leads into retail and eCommerce software company.

Commerce Cloud is leading a revolution in retail technology. It helps retailers to connect with their shoppers, and it’s giving shoppers the unified and seamless experience they want from their favorite brands.

Commerce Cloud make the bridge open for customers to do shopping with full of fun and on every digital channel like web, mobile and so on. Also, retailers and brands can cater their customer’s individual needs whether online or in person and utilize that data for sales benefits.

Let’s have a quick overview about a Commerce Cloud 

Commerce Cloud have four feature capabilities that helps our customers for designing and implementation about the commerce strategies:

  • Commerce Cloud Digital : Commerce Cloud Digital an open platform in between the retailers and shoppers with online experience and transactions across digital channels and devices. Retailers can coordinate shoppers online through mobile and web world by launching responsive eCommerce websites with full of storefronts, shopping cart and checkout functionalities.
  • Commerce Cloud Store : Commerce Cloud Store a platform where both standard point-of-sale and mobile point-of-sale (POS) functionalities are going on. By the help of this retailer can engage with customer to display variety of products and put efforts to complete the transaction after sell the product.
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein : Commerce Cloud Einstein product of Salesforce Einstein helps on product recommendation with their intelligence which are most likely to attract customer attention and also raise number of sales. Commerce Insights part of digital helps merchandiser for production and promotions of product through any platform.
  • Commerce Cloud Order Management :   Commerce Cloud Order Management overview about the product orders and inventory details about their existence and also empowers the purchase of product from anywhere at anytime by using an online platform.

eCommerce Industry is keep on booming day to day but retailers facing lots of challenges to achieve best, the most likely demand of industry is to provide exactly what a customer see which also about the price difference among various outlets or different eCommerce sites which raise a good competition in market among retailers. Instead of many challenges this industry is maintaining their record heights by bypassing all challenges.

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