Most Beneficial Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud For Any Business

Sales cloud of Salesforce is mainly used by B2B and B2C organizations to manage sales, customer support and marketing operations and the engagement strategies. The Sales cloud can be suitable for any business size, including medium, small and large as it has both core and advanced tools for managing sales and marketing operations. This SaaS platform of Salesforce even can be used along with browser. Salesforce1 mobile application also has its capabilities, which can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Several features of Sales cloud like email marketing automation, designing of personal emails and sending, tracking the mails directly from Salesforce helps the marketing team to create, manage and execute the email marketing campaigns easily and conveniently. Even one can also synchronize Microsoft Outlook with Salesforce platform to get contact information right there within the Salesforce. User can also directly send the mails to any of his client through Outlook without logging into Sales cloud. Here in this blog several features of Sales cloud are listed which are directly or indirectly beneficial for any of the enterprise and provide competitive advantage as well to them.

 The features which are listed here are considered as the best features by experts:

1)      Lightning Console Especially for Sales

If you are using Sales cloud of Salesforce, then even you don’t need to switch to Service cloud to access the beneficial console view. Salesforce Lightning console can be even accessed from the Sales cloud itself. Features of console like tab navigation or utility bar can be directly accessed from the Sales cloud. The Lightning console of Salesforce has many new features like Open CTI Telephony and can be even used by a non-technical person as well.

2)      Lightning Sales Cloud

The newly introduced Salesforce Lightning Console is quite easy to navigate and easy to use in comparison to the Salesforce Classic console. If you are a Salesforce Classic user, then initially you may feel the console un-familiar, but spending lots of time in managing thie console will make you familiar with it and you will surely like it as well. Salesforce continuously try to improve the Lightning console for its users and therefore in its Summer release it has introduced many beneficial features and has become favourite of its customers. With every new version release many new features are introduced and Salesforce has declared that there will not be any improvement or new launch for Salesforce Classic.

3)      Kanban View

Earlier Kanabn view was only limited to the Sales cloud, but now Salesforce has increased its reach and even it also support the custom SAlesforce objects, which may be created by you.Trello use the Kanban based column layout. Kanban given a powerful way to view the information and records0. You can check the leads, based on their attributes, like viewing opportunities by Stage and leads by status. Moreover this view can provide you lots of information as well.

4)      Process Builder

Process builder can help the developers to develop the processes for any of the Salesforce app and is not tied to any single or specific cloud. The developers can use the ‘ if and else’ like style formats to define the processes and they even do not need to write a single line of code.

5)      Salesforce from Mobile

Salesforce Lightning has been introduced with responsive feature and Salesforce is continuously improving and expanding its scope by providing even the mobile platform and devices compatibility. Now just due to the responsive features and presence of Salesforce1 like apps, the Sales reps can access the CRM from their mobile devices and it can be done at anytime from any place. They can generate the new leads, can manage the customer records or data and the developers of Salesforce can also add their own components if they want to add any specific business operation related functionalities.

6)      Customized Lightning Dashboard

Now the user can view all of the sales activities from within his own dashboard. Various sales activities can be viewed from a single place. They can be:

1)      Monthly Forecast

2)      Sales Reps Activities

3)      Closed Business

4)      Sales Leader board

5)      Neglected Opportunities

6)      Stage wise Sales Pipeline

Sales reps can even view their real time activities from within the dashboard, which is essential to run their business. Even they can see and check if their any opportunity is available and respond accordingly.

So. In brief above listed features of Sales cloud provides many benefits to Sales and marketing team of the organization and they can even do a lot for executing their business related activities, rather then just generating leads, they can plan and manage the business operations and revert the customer’s queries as well. Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation can be easily configured by any size organization.