How to Integrate Jitterbit With Salesforce?

Whenever we contemplate about database and Salesforce the name that immediately captures our mind is Jitterbit. Jitterbit is one of the most powerful and appropriate tool for data migration and manipulation for Salesforce that allows Salesforce to easily connect with external databases and documents. It can be connected to any edition of Salesforce and gives you the provision to connect with any type of database like MySQL, SQL server, CSV files, Oracle database, etc.

Salesforce and Jitterbit integration is one of the most popular and on-demand association sought for.

Third Party Cloud DataLoader:

Integration of external databases with Salesforce may not be as lucid as it seems to be. One may need to have sufficient knowledge and experience of integrating legacy external databases. There are two available options:

  • One, needing custom data loader developed from the scratch.
  • Second, that makes use of pre-built data migration tool.

The database is a crucial aspect of every organization so people usually do not take the risk of going with custom data-loader tool . Therefore opting for a third party tool is most preferred under such circumstances.

Here enters Jitterbit.

Exquisite Features of Jitterbit:
The price tag of Jitterbit may be delusional but Jitterbit Dataloader is packed with myriad small and useful features.

1. Point- and- click database management wizard.
2. Extremely lucid features for insert, update, delete bulk records in databases.
3. Has the provision of automation of operations with customized schedules and reuse facility of queries.
4. Aids in connectivity with all type of database flat files as well as JDBC and ODBC databases.
5. It supports connectivity with all types of Salesforce editions as well.
6. Automatic backup features (need to have a paid account in Jitterbit for this feature).
7. Comprehensive operation logs, history, and queues.
8. Advanced auto-mapper features with support of myriad third party integration APIs.

Salesforce integration with Jitterbit:

The three major steps that involve successful integration of Salesforce with Jitterbit are as follows:

  • Download Jitterbit from Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Install the same in your built.
  • Map the database.

We need to follow the steps listed below:

1. Go to Salesforce AppExchange. Search for Jitterbit DataLoader. You can access the app from the Jitterbit website.
2. The next step involves creating an account on Jitterbit.
3. Next, you need to log in and download Jitterbit Cloud Dataloader.
4. Install and run the application.
5. You have to enter your Salesforce credentials in the application so that it can connect with your Salesforce cloud databases.
6. Fix the queries to connect with your external database.
7. The last step involves mapping of your external databases and Salesforce which is mostly a point-and-click operation.

It looks like a lucid integration process simple to implement and deploy but unfaltered integration can be achieved only through complete professional help as inexperienced handling of data can result in a large monetary loss.

Image Credits: Algoworks