How To Get Benefits From Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing cloud earlier known as Exact Target provides digital marketing and analytical software and services. Salesforce blazed a trail by creating marketing cloud and a new era began in the digital marketing world which was struggling with various problems like retrieving customer information from social networks, managing huge amount of content to generate data for metrics, all conversation between organization and customers not available at one place etc. Salesforce marketing cloud being one platform to integrate all social programs and data, not only resolved these problems but provided many other benefits to the organization. Let us walk through some of the benefits an organization gets on using Salesforce.

Salesforce organization provides 6 platforms which enables an organization to manage its digital marketing effectively.

  1. Journey Builder
  2. Audience Builder
  3. Personalization Builder
  4. Content Builder
  5. Analytics Builder
  6. Marketing Cloud Connect
  7. Channels