Salesforce Application Development Client On Boarding Features For The Banking Industry

Banking industry has been an integrated part of everyone’s life and the process involved to execute Banking operations has been quite slow, until the technological integration for its operation has been done. The banking personnel also have to form a long procedure to process any customer request or to provide proper assistance to its customers. Especially the information collection process and the process of accessing the existing information is quite time taken. The technological evolution now has made the banking processes quite fast and even banks are now forced to provide up-to-date information to their clients, for which they have to use a CRM, especially for client onboarding management.

A cloud-based CRM, like Salesforce has enabled the banks to manage their client’s information and enabled them to access any product or lead related information easily. Even the bank employees can get the customer insights , expected leads and prospects and information of any opportunity in no time through a technically proficient CRM, like Salesforce.

Salesforce Offerings

Salesforce is one of the widely used CRM by the financial organizations like Banks and there are a number of reasons behind this. The four main reasons due to which banks are preferring Salesforce are listed below:

1) Configurable and Reliable: As the Salesforce is easily customizable and cloud-based platform, so can be suitable for any suitable requirement of the customers. Moreover the complete information is provided related to security and performance issue of any system.

2) Scalability: However banks do not change their processes and business models quite often, but they may need scalability like feature if they want to expand their reach or customer base. Salesforce can provide the flexibility to banks so the possibility to scale the process of infrastructure can be made quite easier with Salesforce. Even if any sudden change is required in banking process model, then no need may arise to seek the immediate solution, if Salesforce like cloud-based CRM is already implemented.

3) Up-to-date Platform: With Salesforce like software, banks can easily access the updated information of their clients. Like if their client’s financial situation changes at any moment, then Salesforce will automatically update the information and the banks can keep track of that as well. All changes in any customer information is soon reflected on the portal.

4) Simple Integration: Salesforce can not only be easily integrated with the existing banking system, but also can also provide more visibility to the customer data as well. Client on boarding process can also speed up along with Salesforce and the banks can easily track any change in client’s information.

How to On-board with salesforce?

Salesforce can provide better customer satisfaction and facilitate them better customer experience by increasing satisfaction of its customers. There are a number of features, which can be beneficial for the banks and a few of them are its various types of clouds like Sales cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud and others.

A brief of them are:

1) Marketing Cloud: Marketing is an integrated part for every organization, including banks. Many times banks just ignore their valuable prospects, if the marketing is not done in a proper way. Using Salesforce banks can know, who can be their valuable customers and offer them better service and optimize and set their new goals as well. Centrally located information of the customer can help them to generate the leads and prioritize the customers.

2) Sales Cloud: Real time information can help the employees in increasing their performance, account insights, charts, and intelligence alerts even they can drill into any deal of loan. Even they can route the appropriate application to the appropriate client. Bankers can also update the information of their client at any time and keep track if any changes occur in the client’s information.

3) Service Cloud: Live agents can help the banks in providing one-to-one support to their customers. The software can keep track the customer information and reduce the burden of banking employees. Moreover the articles, macros and similar cases accessible through the service cloud, can enhance the productivity of the employees.

4) Community Cloud: Banks can make the deeper relationship with their customers at anytime. The interaction with the clients and customers or the banking employees can also be increased. Community cloud can also offer the purchase facility to its customers.

5) SalesforceEinstein: It is an AI tool or feature of Salesforce, which is capable to predict the future of any client or operation and also provide the opportunity information. In this way, the banks can improve the client’s on-boarding process.

6) Chatter: Through this feature of Salesforce banks can collaborate with their clients and their accounts. Hashtag feature can also be used in order to share any important information.