How to de-stress your support agent by improving collaboration with the product team?

Customer support agents are always on an expedition to find the right information. But the lack of proper tools/resource and the lack of collaboration with other teams doesn’t allow them to reach their goals.

Since most organizations use multiple tools to collaborate & exchange information within departments, signing in to each knowledge source and extract the much-needed information timely becomes a challenge for the support agents.

In addition to that, for fast and smooth resolution of customer cases, the support team relies on product teams to a large extent. And this demands close collaboration between both the teams.

This all leads to a decrease in productivity, stressed out support agents and dissatisfied customers.

This gives rise to the bigger questions, How to de-stress a support agent’s life?

In this blog post, we are sharing a 4-points proven solution that has helped many of our customers – we are sure it will be of great help to you too.

1. Integrate support & product management tools Most of the time, quick and faster resolution of cases is achieved by bringing in collaboration between your customer support and product teams. Technical information for the product lies with the engineering team and they are the ones who handle all escalations. Still, the two teams sit in different areas and they use different tools, which separate them in the physical as well as the virtual space. To equip your support agents with the right information related to your product and track all the escalations, the teams need to be in sync.

Integrating your support system with project management tools will make it easy to manage all the activities. With this, they can focus on resolving the cases from one platform instead of logging into different subsystems. Effective integration will improve the response time taken by both the teams on customer cases.

2. Integrate knowledge sources with a support center Organizations use multiple processes specific tools like Slack, Clarizen, emails, etc to collaborate and manage tasks internally. This is where most of the information lies and it leads to the creation of information silos. On the other hand, customer cases are logged in support center applications like Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud etc. Now in order to find the right answer, all the knowledge sources should be integrated with the support system, so that no information is inaccessible.

3. Enable single sign-on Having to log in to multiple systems to find information increases the case resolution time. Enabling single sign-on for multiple systems will drastically reduce the time spent by a customer support agent and will make it easy for them to track customer queries, effectively and efficiently. Single sign-on is designed for making the process quick and simple. It helps support agents resolve customer queries in time, which will lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction rates.

4. Implement next-gen search solution Implementing a search solution will help the support teams to fetch all the information and knowledge resources from all the platforms at one place. This will help the teams to search for relevant information quickly and close cases faster.

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