DataConnectiva Is An Enterprise Data Archiving Solution for Compliance, Analytics, and Performance, Archive Data from Salesforce to any External Cloud or On-prem Platform.

DataConnectiva, an industry leader in Salesforce data management applications, is designed to streamline the Salesforce data archival process for admins by leveraging external cloud (Heroku, Azure, GCP, AWS) & on-premise platforms to archive the historical Salesforce data into long-term, cost-effective external databases like Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle & MSSQL. Not only this, the application also allows admins to use any BI tool to generate powerful reports from the archived data, without being affected by the governance limits or using any external connector.

Migrate all your old or inactive data from Salesforce to any external database leveraging your own Cloud or On-premise platform using the most powerful Salesforce data platform to optimize your storage, application performance & compliance needs.

The platform offers endless capabilities to manage data better in Salesforce & help you achieve enhanced business results. Built to work seamlessly with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Pardot, Platform Solutions & any 3rd-party Applications, DataConnectiva helps you get the most out of your business data.

Application Highlights

◼ 85%-90% storage cost savings
◼ Bring any external BI tool (e.g Tableau, Power BI, etc.) to generate highly customized & powerful reports by connecting live & archived data
◼ Enhanced Salesforce application performance
◼ Archive any type of data (Standard & Custom Objects, Files, Chatter Feeds, Field History Data)
◼ Migrate large volume of data from Salesforce to external systems
◼ Lightning-fast archiving engine (1M records within 1hr)
◼ Scalability: Scale up or down your server at your own will
◼ No Salesforce governance limitations
◼ Unimpacted business process
◼ Quick setup