Use of Business unit in Salesforce Marketing cloud

Use of Business unit in Marketing cloud

Business unit – By using Business unit we can give the Access of users According to our requirements . We can control All permissions in Marketing cloud . It is just like a new org in Marketing cloud .We also have aBusiness unit that we use for testing and development, this is where we build new templates, ideas, that may need some data that comes from the All Subscribers table.

Steps to create a Business unit In Mareketing cloud –

  1. Click on Email Studio —–> Click on Email
  2. Click on Admin —–> Click on Business unit
  3. Click on Create button
  4. Enter the Name (required)
  5. Choose the Parent business unit (required)
  6. Enter the Email display Name (required)
  7. Enter the Email Reply Addresses (required)
  8. Enter the physical Address

if you inherit these things from parent Business unit then check the check box or you can Manually enter these things which is Mentioned below –

  1. Enter Company Name
  2. Enter the Street Address
  3. Enter the City
  4. Enter the State/Province
  5. Enter the Zip/Postal Code
  6. Enter the Country

Unsubscribe Settings – you can select the only one option these are as follows –

  • Subscribers will be unsubscribed from all business units in the Enterprise.
  • Subscribers will be unsubscribed from this business unit only.