Takeaways from TrailheaDX’17

“The Welkin Suite Team just recently got back from attending TrailheaDX’17 in San Francisco, this last weekend, and we really appreciated the opportunity to visit with our user base, but also we appreciate what we have gained from the great atmosphere that Salesforce installs into its events. There were many useful sessions for all attendees to attend, and as is always the case with Salesforce events, the many people who are working in and around Salesforce are excited to share their knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen.

We were blessed to be set up close to Summit Theater, so we had a great opportunity to hear some bits and pieces of what was going on as we worked our booth. There were a lot of talks about the rollout of the open Beta for DX, the power of Einstein and how to start to implement machine learning into Salesforce apps, the switching of apps over to lightning, community learning, and Debugging in Salesforce. Truly everyone that attended TrailheaDX’17 came away a winner, with new knowledge, skills, and tools that can be used to the betterment of themselves and the companies that they believe in.

I believe the power that is taken from this type of event is less felt by some single conversation, single session, or some single tool that was found to make our work better. In fact, it normally comes from being exposed to such an expansive picture of how everything is related, that our eyes can be opened in directions of great possibilities, or the affirmation that we are not “crazy”, but actually on the right course with our ambitious plans. Because of this, I wanted to share with you some of my perspective of the event, and what I came away with…”