Troubleshooting and Debugging Salesforce orgs in The Welkin Suite

Even though Salesforce has always been an innovative platform, just a couple years ago our troubleshooting options seemed as they were much more closer to the stone age, especially when we were comparing them to the other development platforms like Java or .NET. We were using things like “System.debug()” to print out important information to the log files, and then we were analyzing hundreds and thousands of lines of logs (I can feel the migraines and the sandpaper eyes just thinking about this now). However since that time, we already have had a great amount of tools for debugging become available to us, and we’ll highlight a couple of common scenarios that we are normally faced with, and how to handle them with these tools.

In our article, check out Salesforce Org Troubleshooting Scenarios, Troubleshooting Production Issues, Dealing with Governor Limits, and How to Fix Apex Unit Tests, and save a lot of time and efforts while debugging!