Streamline Product Roadmap through Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira Integration

Being a product manager has its perks, but the job also has its challenges. Most of the time goes into product road-mapping and coordinating with multiple teams. As product managers, you might agree that it’s all about achieving the right product-market fit.

Building a product that meets your customers’ needs, is not an easy task. One of the challenges that you face is the scarcity of relevant data and customer feedback. You spend a lot of your time gathering user voice and understanding what your competitors are offering.

But, ensuring zero information loss while gathering those insights is a major challenge. To know what your customers are saying, one ideal way is to interact with your customer-facing team and integrate your product management tool with theirs. So, if you are managing your product backlog and progress using Jira Software and your customer support team uses Salesforce Service Cloud then ‘You simply cannot afford to not integrate them.’

Ensuring seamless integration of both Salesforce service cloud and Jira not only improves collaboration but will provide you much-needed visibility into customer lifecycle.

To get it done, you should own the Salesforce Service Cloud – Jira connector that gets the integration right. The right Salesforce Service Cloud – Jira Software connector ensures

  1. The hierarchical arrangement of the right issue under the right project in your Jira Software. How? Since you have dedicated resources to work on a project, it is of utmost importance to properly route each issue to the right resource. Hence, the connector you opt should have a well-defined mechanism that automatically arranges all issues under the defined component in a project. Enables: Speedy response, effortless search, proper allocation of resources, time-saving
  2. Complete flow of case information to the product teamHow? The moment your support agent creates a Jira issue, your connector should make sure that all the required information for your product team is available to the agent. The connector should support the application of validations on all essentials fields in the form. This way you can reduce the time spent in locating full information.

Enables: Faster resolution of cases, no to and fro between teams, improved coordinationDoesn’t it sound amazing?

So, do not wait and take your first step to get a Salesforce Service Cloud-Jira Connector.