Strategies for Employee Retention

A great customer experience begins with happy employees, but many workers are not happy right now – they’re stressed and ready for a change. According to a study led by Microsoft, more than 40% of the active world population is thinking of leaving their jobs this year. 

The pre-pandemic traditional ways of working are gone, creating new challenges for the onboarding of new employees and the participation of the ones already there. These factors have created a crisis in the experience of workers. For companies, taking care of the employee experience must be a #1 priority, if they want to keep being competitive.

Accomplishments and self-esteem are important aspirations, but many of the employees’ negative feelings come from the daily routine of being subject to unconnected and inefficient processes that cause frustration. Technology that helps people do their work in a more efficient way leaves free time for more meaningful activities and professional development. Look for solutions to simplify repetitive tasks. We should use technology to help employees do their work more efficiently while sharpening their skills

Free your HR team automatizing questions and routine tasks, so they can have more time for offering sympathetic experiences to employees. Find ways to make work feel more human in the remote world.

Pay attention to your culture. Some team members won’t return to the office at all because of personal preferences, which means you should be very attentive to include people that are not in the room. Take measures towards making asynchronous work more collaborative. 

As leaders in the current new world, it has never been as important as now to reimagine and invest in the employees’ experience. If we reduce friction between self-service and automation, together with enabling community, connection and commitment for remote and hybrid workers, we can write the new playbook about employees’ loyalty, and therefore, customer experience. While we navigate through the reopening of society, we can emerge from the pandemic stronger, more agile and more committed to each other. 


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