Steps to Send a Marketing Cloud Email by using Triggered Sends in Sales Cloud

Steps to send a Marketing cloud Email by using Triggered send in sales cloud

Note – First you have to enable the Triggered send in sales cloud.

Steps to Enable “Triggered Sends” in Sales Cloud

  1. Click on Setup >>> Customize >>> Triggers >>> Click on New eg. – Lead object – you have to write this code and Activate this Trigger.
    trigger Marketingcloud_TriggeredSend_Lead on Lead (after insert, after update) { et4ae5.triggerUtility.automate('Lead'); }
  2. Click on Marketing Cloud tab >>> Configure Marketing Cloud Connector
  3. Edit Settings >>> Enabled Object (it is an object which you are using)
  4. Save Settings

Steps to send a Marketing Cloud Email by using Triggered send in Sales Cloud

  1. Click on Triggered send —> click on New button
  2. Enter the Name
  3. Choose the object whatever you want
  4. Choose the Recipient Lookup (for eg: lead object is leadId)
  5. Apply the Field Criteria
  6. Choose the Action Trigger to send when the record is created or updated like this
  7. Choose  the Business Unit
  8. Choose the Email which has to send(from the content builder)
  9. Subject is automatically populated
  10. Choose Send Classification
  11. Select the DataExtension
  12. Add subscribers to All Subscribers List(check this if you send an email to All Subscribers)
  13. Select the Send Time (a) – immediate(b)- Delayed
  14. Check the checkbox Name as ‘I certify all of these people will have opted in’
  15. Click on save button
  16. Click on Activate button
  17. When you create New record It will be fired (when the criteria meet your condition).