Save hours off your workweek with Celigo’s Excel SmartClient for Salesforce

Celigo’s Excel SmartClient is a powerful tool that can be used to retrieve data from Salesforce into Excel. Once in Excel the data can be modified (even with formulas) and pushed back to Excel with one click. Errors are displayed in Excel and can be fixed on the fly and sent back with one click.

See how the Excel SmartClient can quickly retrieve and update leads (just one of hundreds of use cases) by going to the 1:20 mark of this video.

Have you ever created a view of an object in Salesforce and wished you could export it? Now you can. Just the time saved by not having to repeatedly create or run a report, export it to CSV, and then open it in Excel could pay for this tool many times over.

Celigo will be exhibiting at Dreamforce 2017. Look us up. Email me ( and I can provide you with a discount code for your 1st years subscription if you sign up before November 15, 2017.