Salesforce User Authentication : Two Factor Authentication

UserĀ Authentication a process to authorize someone to access specific resources. Username and password we generally used for authentication purpose but in the advanced world of technology we are now on Two Factor Authentication (2FA) into which other than the Username and password we can also use either one time password (OTP) or any authenticator apps which are introduced by Salesforce available in Play Store and App Store.

Explore more about Two Factor Authentication (2FA) with below video

Now follow the below steps you can easily achieve the two-factor authentication in your Salesforce Org.

  • Click on setup
  • Find “Session Settings”
  • In “Session Settings” under “Session Security Levels”
  • Add “Two Factor Authentication” under high assurance from Standard
  • From Setup select Users
  • Click New Users
  • Create a new user with genuine email Id, profile(Standard Platform User) and User License(Salesforce Platform)
  • Verify the account from your mail address.
  • Set Password accordingly

All Good! Now create a permission set for the newly created user account.

  • Logout from the new user account
  • login now as system Admin.
  • click Setup
  • Choose Permission Set
  • Click new and Label the permission set
  • Click Save
  • Under System click System Permissions.
  • Click on Edit
  • Check “Two-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins”
  • Click Save
  • click Manage Assignments.
  • click Add Assignments (here you could assign up to 1,000 users at a time.)
  • Select The above newly created user.
  • Click Assign
  • Click Done

Congratulations!! you have now successfully set up the 2FA in addition to username and password.

Now, Install Salesforce Authenticator App from App Store and Play Store.

  • Open the app and tap (+) to add your account.
  • The app shows you a unique two-word phrase.
  • Now login to above newly created user Account
  • Asked by “two-word phrase” which you get from Salesforce Authenticator App.
  • Click connect inĀ App.
  • Now whenever you login org
  • Tap an option either Approve or Deny.

This is how you can introduce Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in your Org.

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