Salesforce Product : Sales Cloud

Salesforce: Sales Cloud Overview

Sales Cloud is a part of CRM and a product of Salesforce which is mainly created for salespeople because it’s such a popular product made with full of related specifications about sales. Multiple benefits we have for sales cloud such as :

  • Through the help of this, you can easily manage the customer information which can be easily fetch once required.
  • An easy way to create attractive reports and dashboards through which sales team’s monthly progress tracked against their quota.
  • The easiest platform for sales to customize the processes as per the business need.
  • Enables the easiest way to push the deals forward to mobiles. Salesforce1 mobile apps which are available in Play Store or App Store lets you tap into all your Sales Cloud data from a mobile app.
  • It automatically prioritizes the best leads, auto-dials the next number, and automatically logs interactions.
  • It manages the sales pipeline from lead open till lead get closed.

By Sales Cloud, you can put all customer information at one place which is easy to fetch once needed also it gives insight about customers and even gives you an intelligent alert about the best leads which helps you to sell smarter, faster, and the way you want.

In Sales cloud, by using Forecasting tool you can use to find out the existence of real-time data. Let’s have a look at the video that how actually this tool works and how it’s been helpful in sales.

How Comes Sales & Service Cloud Together

It’s only become possible due to Salesforce to utilize both the supreme powers that are Sales and Service segments of an organization together in a single platform not fully but partially which is only required to bring a huge change in the world of business growth.

How both segments been helpful for each other

  • Empower sales teams with customer intelligence: By Service team, customer history is created which is related to customer’s likes or dislikes which are further used by the sales team and cater customer needs with just the right solution.
  • Service can help close the deal: If a service agent found anything related to cross-sell or upsell opportunity for any client, they just passed the information to the sales team.
  • Keep your customers coming back for more: While making full efforts by the sales rep to close the deals still deal in the same pool. It’s just good business sense to carry the customer’s entire journey. The agent has customer data and insight which reflect the customer’s need and the lead further interact with the sales rep for renewals or upsell opportunities.

Salesforce Platform helps you to stop worrying about losing customers, and start focusing on meeting their needs for the future. It’s also completely customizable, so you can tailor it as per your business processes.

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