Salesforce Cloud Platform

Old business management systems are fading due to their firm consistency on conventional approaches and manual efforts.  Due to constant failures experienced, there is an urgent demand of optimizing real-time information which is used to drive sales and effective traffic. Old methods will not give you that, more forward processes are coming up with a self-design system that can cater all your requirements and substantially benefit to your overall business growth. These self-design systems are nothing but CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Enter Salesforce Cloud Platform!

It is expected that in mid-January, the number of Salesforce installation will surpass 5 million new users. As per an internal market research performed by Salesforce itself revealed that 70% of total users and above 88% of organizations optimize one Salesforce Product (app) at least.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM, Oracle, InfusionSoft, and Salesforce are some of the popular CRMs. Salesforce is one of the best CRM which is widely used by many organizations to leverage their workflow and increase their sales. Its professional edition helps the marketing team of organizations build and monitor campaigns for marketing to measure the success rate. On the basis of the tracked report, a sales team can improve leads and help an organization grow in a successful manner.

Salesforce is used to manage the sales pipeline, track customer details, and their interactions in order to retain the customers. Above 80% online retailers and marketers believe that Salesforce CRM is core to their business growth.

Whenever you started to think about integrating a CRM system, you are doing a much more to drive sales, automating marketing communications, boosting lead performance and overall efficiency of your business.

Salesforce is a responsible CRM which is providing many marketing benefits to its supporting organization. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the major benefits of Salesforce integration services.

Let’s have a look at the following points as per the market purposes :

  • Automated Lead Qualification and Assignment

In every business, there are some common loopholes which are regularly overlooked and hence they will experience a poor lead quality. But that is not the case with Salesforce because the CRM is responsible for gathering customer data and with the help of this marketers can score and grade leads to increase sales. Many manual processes are cut down which is creating an effective, smooth and efficient sales reps automatically.

  • Improved Revenue Tracking

How amazing it is when you can measure your efforts? Yes, Salesforce is tied to marketing automation system and ROI reporting is quite easy. There is bidirectional syncing which ensures mapping back of your CRM while creating campaigns in marketing automation. It is helpful in generating closed deals. This ability of loop reporting allows users to identify revenue factors for the campaign, track marketing expenditure, ROI, project cost and allow making data marketing decisions. As per the garter surveys, the global CRM industry aggregates $26.3 billion in 2015, a 12.3% growth in revenues in 2016.

  • More Targeted Messages

As per the report of Pardot’s Demand generation Study, 77% of total buyers want unique, targeted content at each phase of their research.  On the basis of behavioral information which is been collected by any marketing automation tool, you can send targeted emails and messages to your customers according to buying cycle and prospects interest.

One-to-one communications or filtration of data based on criteria will add an icing on the cake as you can easily focus on your customer’s choice and deal them with exact their needs. This degree of relevancy to your emails helps businesses increase their engagement levels and create a more productive environment for their work.

Now as per the ease of optimizing this amazing CRM tool, we assure you of its functionalities which are again working as a sort of benefits. Have a glance at the following –

  •  Ease of Integration

Approx 66% of buyers easily switch their brand if they could have treated like numbers instead of an individual. Salesforce has a large number of loyal customer bases. Things should be well sketched and easy to use. The very first thing arrives in the mind of every user, or a Salesforce developer is about how easy is the process of integration. Probably, it is a very straightforward method which is used to build custom-made interfaces from the ground level.

Moreover, the maintenance rate of Salesforce is not much high if trying to drip your project at best Salesforce maintenance services. You can get fixing out of your system bugs, error handling, overall changes to a new system, and adding new functionality to scheduling and monitoring etc.

As per the Gartner survey, it is revealed that 94% of the total Salesforce revenue is generated by the support and subscription fees while 6% comes from extra services. Salesforce majorly focuses on Supports and Subscriptions to grow its ROI exponentially.

  • Gain Remarkable Insights

With the help of Salesforce, the sales and the financial team can combine and imagine business visibility which they have experienced never before. The duo can see things clearly and maintain transparency in business and view pipeline activities which can impact the business and help in verifying pricing in real-time, without leaving CRM.

More business-oriented decisions can be drawn which can help the constant growth of credit approvals, sales, and finance.

  • Better Collaboration and Communication

You do not have to rely on phone calls or emails to get your work done. Integration of Salesforce helps you in many ways like you can get connected and communicate in a better way with the help of its chatter. Chatter works like an instant messenger and allows the business people to interact with it. People can have fastest decision making and quick problem resolution, which in turn boosting productivity across the organization.

Approx 83% of top rated organizations are using the customer data to streamline their business processes. These details may be collected from phone calls, emails and by advertising. Moreover, Salesforce is providing the number of ease in collecting these details.

  • Outstanding User Resources

There are a number of user-resources are available on Salesforce blogs, such as informative articles, tutorials, eBooks, user guides and much more which covers the full spectrum of topics.

You can command everything from basic to the higher level. The educational blogs are providing an outstanding array of resources to the learners and users. Routinely webinars are hosted on YouTube channel covers comprehensive web-accessible user guide. Self-help style resources of Salesforce also employs an outstanding, well-informed and customer-oriented service team in support that can help immediately to the problem arises.

Streamlined Workflows

Things are easily processed with just one click. One click is all to set your tasks in an order. There are various applications released in AppExchange such as 9Docs which is a product created for sales and finance to record revenue automatically when the sale is made. Moreover, your orders get automatically turn into invoices. The errors are reduced significantly which is helpful in streamline the workflow. As per the report, 72% of top marketing firms will increase their expenditure on Salesforce marketing tools in next two years.

  • Excellent Functionality

Salesforce provides easy data collaboration between different work areas, an array of reports and the ability to run any browser, tablet desktop or mobile device.

The data inside the Salesforce CRM is stored in a secure and reliable way. It provides your employees with the right tools and resources s to maximize productivity and efficiency. It further allows companies to track and measure the success of marketing campaigns and to customize outreach efforts as required. The cloud system is allowing for incredible flexibility to employees as they can access it anytime and from anywhere.

  • The AppExchange

It is an app store for Salesforce products or apps. Many customizing services released their own created Salesforce applications in AppExchange. You can get a bundle of applications of various functionalities. Moreover, it is easy to access, download and install its applications which are providing ease of performing various functionalities and resources to users.

Big companies like LinkedIn and Microsoft have their apps which enables full integration of many services with Salesforce. AppExchange is a place for creating new ideas and capabilities to deliver in the form of apps. These apps serve as power tools.


Salesforce is a powerful platform. It offers a number of ways to help its users, customers, and developers to get complete advantages from its capabilities. Businesses are customizing Salesforce as per their requirements to benefit customers and make the CRM more powerful for the users from all sectors.

Being the most widely known CRM, Salesforce is offering a number of advantages to organizations, users, and developers with the broad range of applicability and effectiveness in solutions.

As a learner, we advise you to be calm and learn each and every aspect related to Salesforce. Discover everything that crosses your way and keeps an eye on the latest update. Practice apps and its awesome products if you really want to start your career in Salesforce.

Hope this piece of write up may add some extra knowledge in your mind. Do share your views on it. If you want to share any missing benefit, you can share that as well. Good Luck with your practices!!