Profile Attributes in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Steps to create a Profile Attributes in Salesforce Marketing cloud:

  1. Login to Marketing cloud
  2. Click on Email —–> Subscribers —–> Click on “Profile Management”
  3. Click on “Create Button”
  4. Enter the Name of this Attribute
  5. Select the Data type and you can Also select Default Value
  6. Choose the values moving up or down According to your requirements
  7. Choose the Salesforce tab which is Basically used to merge the fields like (contact, lead, Account fields)

Use of Profile Attributes:

When we send an Email from the Salesforce Marketing cloud then you have to create a Templates so In Templates, you have to show the Merge Fields which is Already Mapped to salesforce then you use Profile Attributes.

You can Merge the Fields like this (In Marketing cloud) – %% Profile Attribute Name %%