Need of Salesforce Services for Financial Advisors

Salesforce has become one of the topmost CRM for every organization. Every organization ranging from non-profit, educational, finance advisories, banks, retail and other is using CRM just to improve its performance and so that they can provide better service o the customers, through responsive and reliable service. But in order to get the complete benefit of Salesforce CRM, it is not sufficient to implement it for the organizational operations instead you may need the Salesforce CRM consulting company, which can guide you about  how you can take the benefit of this CRM.

 ABC Finance Company Introduction

Here, in this blog post, we have put the example of ABC finance advisory, which is into finance business from last several years, and implemented crm for financial advisors. The target customers of ABC finance advisory firm are those, who are in need of financial support and ABC provide financial support to such customers. There were nearly 100 employees in the company and they implemented Salesforce twp years ago, so that they can streamline their business process and respond to any of the financial request in one business day.

Exact Problem:

The company was using Salesforce CRM from last two years  as their CRM tool, but the CRM was not providing the desired operation and result to the company. Moreover, through Salesforce everyone was able to access the same information as and when needed, no role based information access was provided, the processes were cumbersome and no automation was there, moreover the sales reps were not able to generate the reports, which can help them to streamline their work process. So they start searching for a perfect Salesforce consulting partner, who can help them to satisfy the various requirements, by successfully optimizing Salesforce CRM, implemented by them. To achieve their goals and earning more profit.

How did they solve it?

ABC Corp was referred to hire an expert consultancy, which must have specialization in Salesforce apps for financial advisors and its implementation and so they hired the consultant immediately, who audited the data and information immediately and determined that there was the problem in data structure. Due to data redundancy the actual process was slowing down and for any business specific and clean data is compulsory, especially for those who deal purely into data. In data driven organizations, multiple data has to be used by various departments and if the data will be redundant, then it can create hassles to the employees. To remove the data redundancy, the consultant removed all redundancy or data duplicity by starting from the scratch and automating the complete process.

The consultancy also immersed into the business operations of the ABC Finance, especially to find out the complete working process of the teams, who were using data to generate reports and all. Apart from this they also improved some customized integrated apps of the organization and the process of report generation.

Consultant mostly worked after the business operation hours and therefore the customer service was not interrupted and the staff was able to provide the service to the customers continuously. The process improvements, done by Salesforce consultant were iterative, so the learning curve did not become a hurdle for the staff. Every change done by them were properly stated in document and therefore the staff adopted them easily.

Result of the Changes or Improvement

Since ABC Finance hired the consultant, just within a few months they noticed a number of improvements in the performance of their organization. The improved technological platform and the new features of Salesforce resulted into following organizational benefits:

  •         The financing volume increased a lot.
  •         Employee efficiency was doubled
  •         More decisions were be taken by the organization per month and the process e become speedy.
  •         Leads were managed properly and the tasks were automated
  •         The productivity of the staff and the employees was doubled
  •         Workflow become more managed and automated
  •         All Issues were resolved and processes were optimized

According to the CEO of the company the staff interaction also exponentially improved after the changes as a result of which they become able to communicate in better way with each other and to take any decision. The advantage of the improvements was that the ability of the staff was improved drastically and the service becomes more flexible and improved.

You can also look a perfect Salesforce consulting partner if you are also a Salesforce user and want to improve its performance or want to optimize its performance by Salesforce customization service and apps. As using the Salesforce CRM cannot be beneficial for any organization, until it won’t be completely optimized. A certified Salesforce consulting partner can provide salesforce services for financial advisors optimizing Salesforce platform so that you can get the desired output from this cloud based and dynamic CRM.